Does anyone know what happened to mrp?

gameutopia posted 25th of May 2008 in Community Voice. 6 comments.

Does anyone know what happened to mrp?

I for one definately sollute the guy for all his hard work and time he has put into this community for pretty much free. As far as I can tell and see it was all for the benefit of helping others. He put in more time and effort into this script than most of the makers and us users.

When he was dropped as a pundit I for one was a little stunned. Unless I missed it when I didn't see him posting for nomination I do understand and support him.

If he posts for nomination he would be my number 1 choice by far.

If he don't I do understand his frustration or disappointment, as I am very disappointed as well.

For you new folks if you don't know who mrp is if he was on here and active you would most certainly benefit from his help.

For those that do know him let him know that he was and still is very much appreciated.

Take Care MrP.

Hope to see you around.

Please add your comment and let him know he is the man with a plan!!


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Its not that "Boonex" Dropped us as Pundits, they just didnt GRANDFATHER us in line you would expect them to do.

So they are making us go thru all these processes to get the status back.

I am sure Mr. Powless will be back.

Very kind words...thanks game..I hope to be a pundit again...just dont know when..
you have my support on becoming a pundit. these guys dont know what they are giving up losing you and cyberxing as punditts. you got my vote brother,

and yes game, nice kind words.

Glad to see you are still around mrpowless. I had hoped you didn't disappear completely. I just hadn't seen any activity from you in a while so I was kind of worried. Keep up the good work!! I'll definately be following some of your blogs and forum posts. And I'll be checking your site out you mentioned in another blog post.
I agree, keep up the hard work, especially the video tutorials!

Can anyone tell me how to create a 'member' block in field blocks? Now where's that Powless video...
mr. powless is a awesome guy! Excellent programmer who lent a helping hand on my tattoo forum . Thanks for yoru help guy and glad to see you back!
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