Tutorial: How to install 3rd party Dolphin 7 Modules

gameutopia posted 26th of December 2010 in Community Voice. 4 comments.

I added a tutorial to Boonex Wiki recently.

How to install 3rd party Dolphin 7 Modules

It is a step by step beginners guide to installing 3rd party Dolphin 7 modules with an ftp client. It is catered to the beginner or novice. Which might be helpful for those of you new to Dolphin, and if you are just getting started with your web site.

I did spend a lot of time on it. Screen shots, writing, proofreading, and such takes longer than most think. So please be kind. Point the new folks here if it works for you. I don't get on this site as often as I'd like, but let me know if something needs updating or changing.

I was thinking about writing additional tutorials, more complex, detailed, and/or intermidiate to advanced topics. I thought I would start on the ground and work my way up and see what happens or what kind of feedback is involved before I spend more time than I already have.

I was inspired by:
Write Tutorials - Help Community


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Great guide i needed this why has this not been done before thanks very much. i found this very helpful.
Great guide we need more of this :-)
Nathan Paton
Nicely done. Here's to hoping you'll get that BoonEx t-shirt you always wanted.
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