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gameutopia posted 6th of September 2008 in Community Voice. 11 comments.

Hello Fellow Dolphin'ers!!

The purpose of this blog is to gather input regarding the new google chrome beta I think they claim, web browser. I am just wondering if any of you have downloaded it, installed it, and could offer any input about it. Good or bad. What you like or don't like.

If so how it works with your dolphin site?

I have so far held off. I just don't like the beta part of it. But obviously google is big name, and I am hoping they might compete with microsoft and mozilla.

I did read something about google's terms were you must agree to auto update this thing, which would be a real bummer if that is the case.

Any thoughts or input from anyone that has downloaded google chrome and given it a workout would be appriciated.

I've read many conflicting reports and reviews. And it would also be nice to see a little comment on how your dolphin site works with it if applicable.


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Hi gameutopia,

Google new browser is good only for google search, the browser first time looks ok functions are pretty limited and some sites show breaks and font sizes of all kind, will have to wait for the stable release, which google is currently working on I would give it 4/10 for what it is now might wins hearts and minds in few months.
firefox is still #1 out there ;)
used it once, limited, but clean to use for my chat room.
Hey game....

Yup tried it...don't know if I'll continue to use it tho.

Prefer FF and use Safari, IE...this will be the last choice to use at the moment.
I know there tends to be some mention that some of the builders don't even appear in a dolphin admin panel with ie6. I myself can verify this much. But ie7 I have no idea. FF 2 and 3 work fine for me. I was kind of currious if these builders in admin panel worked with the chrome browser. And if there were any display glitches on a end user/members type of end in an actual dolphin site. If all is near perfect.

I almost always try to get a site to look good in both ie and ff because they are the see more most popular. Depending on the site this can be easy or difficult and usually for me it's a css issue.

But even tiny_mce and this boonex site itself tends to preform a little different from one browser to another for me. One thing works here with ie and another I have to use ff. I was curious if chrome was any different.

Any way thanks for the input. I still haven't given it a try yet. But I probably will just for the heck of it.
I like the new google browser but i like OPERA the best. but most of dolphin features and mods only run properly on mozzilla
I have been using a bit now. It doesn't show fonts and positioning of items on a page weird. Also, don't know how to make pop-ups enabled. Haven't had user problems with Dolphin in Chrome, it seems to load imagination, don't know.

Very cool the most visited page tho.
Works great so far on my sites, but cannot log into unity using it, does seem faster to me also.
i tried it, not impressed, would have thought google would do much better than that. however i know somebody who works for google, and as stated its beta, so there is more to come, but i understand from conversations that its built for speed, and it is fast,and has some of the same premise opera has. i would not set it to my default browser by any means.

i have used them all, despise IE find it absolutely loathing. mozilla wigs out on me, and the style sheets leave when the want to, firefox crashes see more out from time to time on dolphin sites.

the best performing browser i have used and continue to use is opera. it displays the dolphin site so vibrantly, and is crisp, and fast.

if i had my way i would outlaw IE, and set opera and ff as standards on browsers. safari, dont have much to say about it, i have it loaded, but seldom use it. i have all the browsers just in case somebody is viewing from one of the different available ones.

i tend to try to be cross browser compatible, IE, FF, and Opera, cant satisfy them all and dont care to try.

Why would you want something to compete with FIreFox LOL?! It's such a great browser.

But I've been wondering the same thing you've been wondering. I have yet to download the browser. I think I'm going to wait until it's out of beta to get it.
Agree with clebarron

Works great so far on my sites, but cannot log into unity using it. screen goes gray but no login box appears.
Google Chrome and the new Safari don't seem to work well with Dolphin 6 :( I hope this changes with 7..
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