i tried it, not impressed, would have thought google would do much better than that. however i know somebody who works for google, and as stated its beta, so there is more to come, but i understand from conversations that its built for speed, and it is fast,and has some of the same premise opera has. i would not set it to my default browser by any means.

i have used them all, despise IE find it absolutely loathing. mozilla wigs out on me, and the style sheets leave when the want to, firefox crashes see more out from time to time on dolphin sites.

the best performing browser i have used and continue to use is opera. it displays the dolphin site so vibrantly, and is crisp, and fast.

if i had my way i would outlaw IE, and set opera and ff as standards on browsers. safari, dont have much to say about it, i have it loaded, but seldom use it. i have all the browsers just in case somebody is viewing from one of the different available ones.

i tend to try to be cross browser compatible, IE, FF, and Opera, cant satisfy them all and dont care to try.

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