Ray Widget Boonex Fast One

gameutopia posted 10th of May 2008 in Community Voice. 4 comments.
Anyone notice im don't work at all? It says not online message will be send next time you are online even though you are go figure. It don't do anything because it thinks you are offline.

The other big problem...I hear these makers of this software are going to patch this latest release to update license issues.

The big problem:

What about the ray widgets? How about that nice boonex.com link in the top left corner? You guys gonna fix that too as long as you are fixing the footers?

If not this is crap too. Because each ray widget costs as much and more than dolphin itself. To have these references in ray for a paid version is our right ridicuous.

I can't believe nobody else has seen this or noticed. Just hover your mouse over the little unity circle icon in any ray wiidget in the top left corner. Even if you paid for these. You get a nice "Go to boonex.com" in your widget. If you click it bam...your users goto boonex. I don't know about you but paying for this is (hs). you can't run a professional site liket this.
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im also having the same issues with ray chat. im afraid its the only thing thats so far letting mys ite down. i recieve a instant message 1 the txt is broken then upon opening the chat that message has gone (i have only read half of it on the preview lol) anyway then i reply but says bla bla isnt online and will recieve the IM later, but they are online, i close the box then up comes the reply. i must close the ray chat to recieve next typed comment lol
my users arent impressed with that, is that just how ray works or is ours not set up right?
i agree with you, it appears that boonex is taking every effort necessary to advertise themselves all the while leaving out the ones who are paying a good price for their bug filled script.

6.1 should never have been released is my opinion. i will find that link to boonex that is in all those upper left hand title bars. just another way for them to try to make money from this script, but not implore any of the fixes that they promise.

RAY 3.5 is C R A P ORCA 2.1 is C R A P, Dolphin see more 6.1 has potential, but these bugs should have been taken care of before the release.

I know i am not part of the R & D but i was reading that there were many bugs submitted that were never addressed on the trac site.

well that is my nickels worth on this.

The script has potential if they would stop trying to sneak or pull fast ones by slipping there links in everywhere. I could be wrong but it does seem that the footer thing was intentional...a money maker so to speak. Guess the marketing director doesn't understand.

Then while your at it look at the ray widgets...there are boonex references and links all over even for the paid version. Chat...click on help and look around...Boonex links all over. Unity logo in the top left corner goes to boonex.com. see more I'm just wondering what exactally we are paying for here. You can't run a professional looking site with this. I might understand free version but not paid.
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