Path to Dolphin 7.0.1 --> Modules Fail on Install Just wondering WHY?

DosDawg posted 1st of May 2010 in Community Voice. 8 comments.

First off, let me explain something before we get started. this is not meant to be inflamatory, but is meant to be educational both to the developers of this release as well as the unknowing next victim of these issues that i have uncovered.

Yes it was finally released Dolphin-v.7.0.1 as was reported on the blogs. I of course didnt rush over to get my copy, because i have not been impressed with the overall functionality of Dolphin-v.7.0.0

So today, May 1, 2010, thought i would give this install a run, and see just what improvements have been made on the errors that were reported previously. I must say from first glance, I am not sure this was the right time to release this version.

One thing that catches me right off is the actual download link, nobody but me must have looked at that one? The link is pointing to Dolphin-v.7.0

As the image depicts, this path would be incorrect:

Dolphin 7.0.1 path

now on this, should this path not reflect the version that we are downloading? the reason this is a question is that this was exactly the same path as the original v.7.0.0

Ok so we take this study further, and this is not really even the gist of the intent of this post:

Going to the index page of the site we find that we can download from there, based on current stable. As the picture would depict, the current stable is portrayed as 7.0.0

Dolphin 7.0.0 Current Stable

So if we would go to the index page of boonex and think we are downloading the latest current release, we would assume we would download Dolphin 7.0.0 based on the description here? Clicking on this link provides an entirely different story.

Zip file for Dolphin 7.0.1

Ok great, there is a Dolphin-v.7.0.1 for download. now based on the path shown here on the zip file using the wget method for downloading the new Release one would or could presume (not assume) that would provide the files to your server. Since not all use the daunting method of downloading the version to their desktop then uploading it to the server, which is just redundant work IMHO. So we give this new found path a shot, and this is what we find --> wget gets you nothing, and wget gets you the same nothing as shown in the next shows.

wget does not work on Dolphin-v.7.0.1

So at the present time, it appears we cannot install on a server using the wget method of the current displayed path of Dolphin-v.7.0.1. Now this takes us back to the above mentioned path that did lead us to use wget notice there is no extension here, and we would all understand the path to be able to provide a download for Dolphin-v.7.0 as notated on the status bar of the browser. However what we find upon running the install script after downloading the Dolphin-v.7.0 file from wget method is that we have actually downloaded Dolphin-v.7.0.1 according to the intro page of the install script.

Dolphin 7.0.0 or Dolphin 7.0.1

So whats the gripe one might ask, well if that question would actually be necessary, then maybe that person should not be installing dolphin at all. Now we get into the purpose of why on this day i was inspired to post what i have found. I think these subtle mistakes as i am sure they will be excused as, should not be taking place for no other reason than not to confuse new patrons who would be wanting to install dolphin and ultimately purchase the Prime License, but this is just not professional IMHO.

Ok so whichever set of files we have, we are going for it, and going to run the installer. all appears to be the same as we step through the installer script chmod ffmpeg 777 (on my servers anyhow) then chmod 555 inc (on my servers) remove the install directory, and we step into the modules installer on the admin panel. same as before. now this is where i am looking for changes. this has been reported as a bug previously, and i surely considered this to be one of the major things that would need to be fixed. Upon scrolling down on the page to find the select all check box on the Uninstalled Modules, we click on the install button.


this is where it starts to unravel for me. Why and think about this one, because this has already been reported as a BUG, why, would you not set precedence on these modules so that we are ( not me specifically) new clients, first time users, why are we getting an output that 9 modules failed because something else was not installed?

This makes no logical sense whatsoever. output as follows:

Desktop Failed

Events Failed

Groups Failed

Membership Failed

Messenger Failed

Store Failed

So what we have are dependencies, and this could have been corrected on the installer. So we take a look at what is being stated the reason these modules have FAILED.

Desktop failed because it needs messenger installed first. kewl, then why was it not installed first. well we take a look and this is what the output is:

Messenger Was Installed

Desktop failed because it says messenger was not installed, messenger was installed so why the FAILED Output? :

Events Failed based on the following Dependencies:

Orca Forum, Photos, Videos, Sounds. Examining this, i see no logic in failing an event because of the forum, photos, videos, or sounds. You can post an event without any of the following being needed. However, if they are required why are we not setting precedence. Ok so we look at why the Events Module Failed, and from the pictures below, we can see that in fact these modules have been installed:

Orca Forum was Installed

Photos were installed:

Photos were Installed

Video Module is installed:

Video Module was installed

Sound Module was installed:

Sound Module was Installed

Events and Groups should not have an output of FAILED because the dependencies have been satisfied.

Membership Failed because of the payment Module: but this module was also installed:

Payment Module was Installed

So we have an output of NOT INSTALLED MODULES: Funny thing here is that whiteboard and wall are not showing as a dependency but they show as not being installed when we used the Select all and clicked on the install button:

Modules Not Installed

Second run at installing the modules that were missed or had dependencies:

Modules on Second Run at Install

So you can see it shows whiteboard and wall as NOT INSTALLED Module, but on the second run, you get FAILED because it was already installed.

Now for those of us who have been dealing with dolphin, and realize and understand there are quirks. A new client who has just spent $998.00 for this application may not be as understanding. Please dont use the ideology that is why there is a professional install sold for $99.00. Fix these issues, these are bugs, performance and professionalism stands here.

Under no circumstance should these ERROR's and FAILED is an ERROR, be presented on this installer. Error TRAP, dependency check, do something to stop this from happening.



P.S. i will be back with other testing results.

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Great post DosDawg, I have asket myself every time, why I want to install the event module, why I need to install all the other I don't need. This must be change So I agree with this post.
Mostly educational, shall help a lot of newcomers in Unity!
Here, here... Great Post DosDawg, Great to see someone has the eye for pointing all these things out. Simply put, where would Boonex and Unity be with out you. To make this a great CMS all modules should be independent and have the ability to plug in to each other. Unfortunately, until this happens Boonex and Dolphinn wil fall behind the other great CMS packages that are available.
Modules absolutely have to be independent... One wonders, how hard can it be? Just take the dependent code off the other module and store it independently of the modules, and have them require it on demand. Presto, no need to deal with strange module dependencies. It's just a question of organizing the code a bit.
Hear here!

Just the tip of the iceberg IMHO.

I cannot believe that given there were issues found with the installer - .htaccess file preventing installation + having to install things in a certain order - the fix was not to update the installer - but to update the instructions with a convoluted method and advise people to do this in the release blog. Very, very, very unprofessional in my eyes. Boonex, you simply have to start doing things correctly - update the installer and release the whole see more package as 7.0.2 (NOTupdate the file and not the revision as was done back with 6.1.6 - tsk).

I think that you open yourselves up to complaints and criticisms - not only because of the initial issues, such as these, but also because of the way that you deal with them. Remember - everything that you do here is on show for the world to see - and people judge you and the ability of your software based on it.

I've mentioned this before - I would also say that you need to start thinking about a beta test team - do not release half cooked packages to the public - release them to a closed team - this way all of these issues get caught BEFORE making embarrassing mistakes such as these. There are plenty of people here would volunteer for a beta test team that will critique the release before unleashing it on a expecting public.

And remember, expectations ARE very high, and to release a package with fundamental errors such as this is lining yourselves up to fail. If you want to be a professional company, you need to start acting like one.

These might be harsh words words, but hopefully they will prompt something to happen, After all, I do not want to see you fail, I simply want to see you succeed - Your success is to my benefit!


PS - Where is the DATE for the next update - If you are serious about a monthly release cycle you need to actually commit to it, not pay lip service to the idea ;)
The Failed message never bothered me. I hit install again and it works fine. If you are noob then I guess it can freak you out. Yeah, that needs to be fixed. Top priority big time.
the objective here is that as one would purchase the ad removal license for $998.00, i would consider the client more deserving than to see such failed messages. this would lead even the most knowledgeable and computer savvy guru to believe that something is incorrect or has gone wrong. kinda like the check engine light on your car. what do you do for that, cover it up with black electrical tape so its not so bright when driving at night, or would you take it to the mechanic for an analysis?


P.S. see more again, this was posted for educational purposes for the entire community. just as you one20, i ignored it, because i half expect these kind of quirks from dolphin, but this is another release and this was reported as a bug, and it was ignored.
After reading the recent blog posts here on the Boonex site and after having already had a bad experience with a Template alteration (not enough people in the community and therefore options for modules, templates etc and the few that are here won't be for long I think - I have already noted some moving on to other scripts), I have come to the conclusion that Boonex is a complete and utter mess. I have invested a lot of time and a little money already, I thought I would wait for the 7.0.1 upgrade see more before installing after being horrified at the comments on the upgrade post concerning Dolphin 7, well that was a waste of time obviously after reading this post, IgorL's posts . . . . .

I am a newbee but it is obvious that there are far too many bugs and issues to risk using Dolphin so I have decided to go elsewhere.
Would anyone posting here honestly advise me to stay? Honestly?

What I am most angry about is the PROUDLY AUSTRALIAN mark that is, to me, an attempt to mislead, a subtle one but nonetheless it does just that. I have nothing against Kyrgyzstan but I would not have chosen to risk developing my project that is primarily dependent on the programmers, agents etc from an extremely unstable Country. I am happy Igor is fine but when he makes statements like 'Hello everybody. I guess you've already missed me, well some of you :-) I want to assure you that everything is ok and the situation in Kyrgyzstan is gradually stabilizing' what does someone who is getting ready to install Dolphin think? I will not be installing Dolphin or extending my 90 day license or upgrading to Premium or anything else.

The whole setup is just confusing at best and unprofessional at worst.
Unstable Country + extremely major bug ridden platform equals what exactly for the future?

Good luck to everyone using or thinking of using Dolphin - you are going to need it that is for sure!!
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