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Version: 1.0.5

Added: 26.01.12

Updated: 06.08.16

Category: Content

Tags: extensions, modifications

Demo:  username - NA,password - NA

Support Forum:

License: IMPORTANT: This is a commercial product made by Scriptologist. It cannot be modified see more for other than personal usage.

Technical Checklist...

Now categories on your dolphin site are multi-lingual!
- Set category caption through the category manager's panel.
- Captions are different on each modules.
- If no caption is set, the defined category is displayed.
06212012 - Drop down select fixed.


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just purshase but thr read me txt is very short ;),can't install and i have no :modules/boonex/photos/classes/BxBaseCategories.php
(i use 7.0.8)..
some help please
The readme should be very short since you need to install it from the admin module panel. I can install it for you, please send a message with your ftp and dolphin admin info. Thanks!
I need your help so please reply to
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