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Guest Surf Limit


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Version: 1.0.0

Added: 26.05.10

Updated: 06.08.16

Category: Core Changes

Tags: register, force, join, limit, surf, guest, dolphin 7.1

Demo:  username - NA,password - NA

License: IMPORTANT: This is a commercial product made by Scriptologist. It cannot be modified see more for other than personal usage.

Technical Checklist...

A great way to get members on your site is to force your site guests to join. This mod will let that happen, by giving time limit or number of visited pages to the guest, they will need to register to continue surfing your site.
- Two options can be selected through the admin panel. Time limit in minutes or number of visited pages.
- Time limit in minutes can be defined as well as the number of visited pages.
- Whenever the time limit or number of pages is reached, the visitor or guest will be redirected to the join page, whatever page they would clicked.
-  Admin can set free to surf pages.
04/12/2012 - Popup option added
login demo1/demo1
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This a great mod. It allows to increase members on your website as it forces your site guests to register to continue surfing your site. I had issues with the install and he helped me out. I recommend this to anyone who wants to turn guests into members. I am very satisfied with this mod as well as the good communication skills and support provided by Mark.
Thank you so much for the comment. I'm glad to be of service :)
Mark has been a great value to my website. His work and ideas brings life to the site. He was on top of this work and help! I recommend him personally!..And, I am willing to share my experience with him personally..So, I like his work and efforts as they bring value to this community!...
Thank you Mark, it is a much needed routine on my site.
Please promise that in future iterations that you will provide a 'pop up splash page and logon' and the create a way to allow the Admin to send themselves a cookie that will exclude them from the timed limit. I like to browse my entire site as a guest sometimes, checking to see it the way a guest does.. Ten minutes... delete cookies... ten minutes.. delete cookies... ten minutes... delete cookies.. arrrrgh!

The splash page could see more pop-up like the current 'logon' box does.. allowing the user to cancel that with the little 'x', and then continue surfing for a few more minutes, when it pops up again it cannot be canceled (the x is gone, etc... )
Ok, this is noted. This feature is really cool. I will include this on the next update. Thanks!
I bought many modules from Mark and I am very happy with them. He was always very helpfull anytime I done something wrong. I really recommend him.

Mark, for this module, it will be very good to be able to make an exception for some pages ( like about.php, terms_of_use.php ,... ) as some people really care about reading this informations before joining and once the limit is reached they can not do it anymore.
This is one of the most useful mods I've found here. I truly believe that it should be included in the next dolphin version as part of the standard features. You are now able to add pages like about.php, terms.php etc. to the section called "pages that are free to surf". This mod is amazing!

Gloria Grayson
PDQ Digital Media
Project Manager
Had to remove this mod as it completely screwed my google ranking up! It would be better if it didn't block users before a cookie is set. That way googlebot and other web bots wouldn't be effected by it.
comes now with a popup, so google ranking will not be screwed.
This mod is really helpful giving visitors just enough content tease before asking them to join. Works like a charm,
Excellent module. Perfect! Thanks Mark
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