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Multi-Language Creator


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Version: 1.0.0

Added: 24.01.11

Updated: 01.05.19

Category: Other

Tags: italian, german, russian, chinese, filipino, french, greek, arabic, hebrew, dolphin 7.1

Demo:  username - NA,password - NA

License: IMPORTANT: This is a commercial product made by Scriptologist. It cannot be modified see more for other than personal usage.

Technical Checklist...


Multi-Language Creator

Bulk module discount PM ME

Ever tired of translating each word on your site's language and email templates? Well, here's the answer to that tedious data entry translation worries. Now, you can create and translate any language of your choice with just a single click!
- Creates language based from any source language.
- Updates missing strings or all strings from the source language to the existing languages.
- Updates and creates email templates from the source language to the existing languages.
- Apart from creating languages, this mod is also very useful for updating translations from the newly added mods to your site's existing languages.

Important API needed add it via admin:

Free API


a. Register and get your username at
b. Generate your key after registering at
c. Add it in Multi language creator admin for Mymemory




Google Pricing

a. Login to your google account go to

b. Create project name what you want and save (screenshot :
c. Go to Library
d. Look for Google Cloud Machine Learning under it click - > Translation API
e. Click Enable button.
f. Click Credentials lower left (Under Library)
g. Create Credentials Find that says API key and click to generate new key.
h. The google api key is what you put to your language creator google api key.
i. Create your Billing Account
How to : )

Video :

05212013 - Email translation issue fixed.
062012 - Readme file update.
06012012 - Mymemory issue is fixed.
05182012 - Added Microsoft Translator (Requires php-soap, but web servers has this already).
03202012 - Ability to choose between 2 translators. Google translate and MyMemory.


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One word to describe the mods and Scriptologist is "WOW" and simply fantastic.....Excellant ideas and unique MODS Scriptologist has as usual. None to compare him at Unity apart from MODZZZ.

His support and his generosity is simply beyond speaking. i have installed the mod and am still waiting to run it fullfledged so that i find some errors.

Great addition for any website and easier alternative.

You did a wonderful job with this mod.

Excellent mod and the service was the best see more Ive experienced on this site,

Actually should get more than 5 stars.

highly recommended.

I ♥ Multi-Language Creator.
If you are looking to translate your site forget other translation mods, this is the one and better in the whole market.
His mod is the best mod i ever seen in dolphin, he makes my life easier and happy.
In a single word Multi-Language Creator is F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C!!!! (all with caps letter).
If you are looking for a translation mod then you have to buy this's the better language mod on UNITY! Installed and work perfect in minute + fast follow up . Of course you have to correct manually some of the generated Google translations. But this mod give you a good base to work on it. Google translation is better than "_" not translated strings (there is no mod replacing your brain). Congratulations and thanks for your work. This mod let me win a lot of time.
Thank you very much, I'm glad you liked it :)
Please let me know your site so that I can check on what you meant by not HEBREW.

You finally show up.
I've sent you multiple emails and waiting for you for Four Days without any fed back.
I'm still waiting for new Install that you said that you want send to me to fix Database query error.
Don't you forget what you said?

Since this module is not working for my site so far, I can't give my review on it.
But I'll say first this the first module I installed without any installation instruction.
Second, you didn't point out this module is based on Google see more Translation API.
If Google discontinue to support Free Translation API, then your module will not work at all.
Actually, Google Translation API has pages browsing limit daily.
Finally, as a Free Google API based module, the Price is unbelievable High.
You should be very happy with half price, $75.
Just sent you the fixed for your site. Sorry I forgot to inform you that I was on rest because I was sick due to stress. Google Translate Api is part of their free api service and in fact they're now developing another version. If google discontinue their free translate api, which I doubt would happen, then most of the world sites will have a problem, since it's used on their chrome browser. The google translate api is free because they're already earning billions, but the code that I did to automatically see more translate everything from dolphin is not and I'm doing all the hard work just for you, which only cost 150. Actually, you can increase your daily translation limit, that's one of the way my mod works. Again, sorry for the inconvenience.
Its one of best Mods i have ever seen for Dolphin, thank you scriptologist for this wounderful mod, This mod needs a lot of praise, which will not meet the right fibrous your wonderful work on it
More thank you for this wonderful mod
Excellent extension.

Obviously Google translate is not perfect, but you will come A LOOOOOOOONG way!

Support is excellent. Wrote an email to the developer, and less than 20 minutes later support was on the way, and the minor issue was fixed!

I can recommend this mod without hesitation
I bought a group
You composition according to the specific details
But all languages ​​work C
Some Broken
See Site
"I bought a group" "But all languages ​​work C" ?

I'm sorry I don't understand what you meant. Please send me a message through my inbox, and will discuss what's the problem.

Perfekt to make a fast switch for another language.
Its not the best for the new " native " language, but it can be changede...
It saves alot of work!!
I forgot to comment before. I was just so overwhelmed by this module. I had been busy for 4 days translating english from spanish and wasnt even half done. I bought this mod, he installed for me (thank you) and I clicked on translate from english to spanish (with spains flag) went to sleep (yes went to sleep people) and when I woke up, there it was. i had english and spanish (only 6 bad translations that i found) finished in a couple of minutes. waited for it to translate english to chineese see more (about an hour) thank you great mod.
Ein großartiges Modu für Dolphin! Great Work! i-for-you says thank you very much! Greatings from Germany!
cool mod! thanx very much! here is your work : )))
The best thing i buy so far! And grate suport!
Excellent module. And excellent technical support. Thanks
Module is great and install is easy. {make sure you have php-soap module installed on your server}
Scriptologist was very helpful and looking forward to his new modules...
what is this ??? do i get $ charged from google and others ??
why i need accounts on :
2-Microsoft Translator

why you dont write all that in module page ??
scriptologist it will solve your issues ty
And your payment didn't push thru why ask refund. It is pending in boonex orders and Paypal.
Instead you have my module with you.
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