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Photo Rotator


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Version: 1.1.3

Added: 05.06.12

Updated: 02.04.16

Category: Photos

Tags: rotator, rotate, dolphin 7.1

Demo:  username - NA,password - NA

Support Forum:

License: IMPORTANT: This is a commercial product made by Scriptologist. It cannot be modified see more for other than personal usage.

Technical Checklist...

Some photos are uploaded upside down or sideways, this module will solve that.
- Clockwise and Counter directions.
- AJAX capability on saving the rotated image.
- One click install. No core files edited.

Yotube Video

06082021 - fix non-owner can rotate issue. MlPhotoRModule.php changed.
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Emma VPP
It Rotates all photos on the site can you make an update with only the own of the photo can rotate their own photos
Please update your copy. Just replace MlPhotoRModule.php. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks.
Hi, I have a problem, I rotate my photo and than I´m save it, but than come this"You are not the owner or admin of this photo " But this is my photo, and I´m admin too.

You can test it here:
User: arnold
Pass: arnold
Please install the module, I test it here
Really simple to install. It's not hard. And when most sites don't even have the ability to rotate a photo. Now at least my site does. Great addition to the site. I'm happy to recommend this mod.
this mod is not compatible with 7.13 and its a disappointment to see it has not been updated.
This module is a lifesaver!
Only thing that would make it perfect would be the ability to rotate Avatars!

Even without that, it's more than enough!

Thank you for the great module!
Very nice (and useful) mod, thank you!
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