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Passive Member Reminder


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Version: 1.0.0

Added: 26.03.10

Updated: 02.07.16

Category: Core Changes

Tags: reminder, notify, modifications, scriptologist, dolphin 7.1

Demo:  username - NA,password - NA

License: IMPORTANT: This is a commercial product made by Scriptologist. It cannot be modified see more for other than personal usage.

Technical Checklist...

This mod send email reminder to your site member it they're not logging in for a specific period of time, counted in days. The notification will be sent to the cron job and executed by the batch so as not to slow down the site.
- This module also adds an inactive or passive friends box whenever the member's friends are not active.
- Uses pagination on the passive friends box
- The email template used by the reminder can be edited through Admin's Email Templates page.
- Passive friends box design can be customize since it uses an html and a css files.
- The mod can be installed/uninstalled through admin.
- The cron to check for the inactive profile runs every midnight since intervals or checking is counter per day.
Please make sure that your periodic/cron.php is running on your host

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ok i have this mod installed and its a great mod, but the only problem is that i have a profile that has hundreds of friends and on the account page it shows atleast 100 inactive users which causes you to scroll down and down and down and down. The mod needs options to set a number of inactive members instead of just showing them all for sombody that has thousands of friends cuz nobody wants to scroll for a half hour lol.
Please update your copy, this has been fixed.
Mark has been a great value to my website. His work and ideas brings life to the site. He was on top of this work and help! I recommend him personally!..And, I am willing to share my experience with him personally..So, I like his work and efforts as they bring value to this community!...
Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Work like a charm! Fast and easy install, great support. Perfect! Thank you for this great mod.
Thank you very much for your comment :)
One word to describe the mods and Scriptologist is "WOW" and simply fantastic.

His support and his generosity is simply beyond speaking. i have installed the mod and am still waiting to run it fullfledged so that i find some errors.

Great addition for any website and easier alternative.

You did a wonderful job with this mod.

Excellent mod and the service was the best Ive experienced on this site,

Actually should get more than 5 stars.

highly recommended.

Excellent - no idea why we didn't install this earlier. We're already looking forward to midnight tonight to get the first batch of inactive member emails sent. Thanks for a great mod.
Works great after update.

In the previous version the script sends every 2 tags thousands of mails.

Can you make the option to show Firstname and Lastname in the blocks ;)

Just installed Passive Member Reminder from Scriptologist. It was very easy to install and it works just like promised. Mark is friendly and took the time to answer my questions I had about the module. I highly recommend this module and Mark himself:-)
Definitly missing indicator: "Do not send me email for next 3 months"
Just posted an update for this feature. Please update you copy. Thanks!
Hello all,
I need this module install for Dolphin 7.0.9. Help me please please.....
Please update your copy. Thanks.
I've recently bought and tryed to install the module.
First attempt failed due to the incompatible version. I'm running latest D7.1.1 but in the file:
"/modules/modloaded/passive_reminder/install/config.php" the version is still 7.1.0. I've changed it to 7.1.1. and then the second attampt went OK. Great mod I belive...
I've sent you a message regarding the issue, I've also updated the module. Please update your copy. Thanks.
Good mod. Brought some members back to my site. Well worth the price.
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