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Not updated to work with latest version, they never responded to my emails
The worst module I have bought and the worst item ever I bought online in whole my life. The issue that this person communicate very poorly. This person cannot communicate with his/her customer properly with professional manner. There is nothing that can be done about that from my side point of view as I'm a customer with full right to receive fully working module. This person is very very slow in responding or no response at all. Simply, the module doesn't work after I did all long list of instructions. see more The issue is in the module coding and again one more time " module coding", means developer's responsibilities. There is nothing to do with me as a customer and I expected to get a normally working module . It's useless. Be careful before you buy this and even forget to buy such thing like this. It's completely waste of money buying something from dodgy seller. this person keeps saying different excuses. You can see other comments on this thing which I found it difficult to call it "module". It's just a mess of php script. WHAT ON EARTH IS THIS!!!!!! I strongly recommend to remove this item from the Boonex market as it is very confusing and fraudulent. It affects Boonex and dolphin reputation, it affect the whole new internet generation and the web.

This module is very old, not auto importer, cron job doesn't work at all with this thing, Sync button doesn't work, no tags, no categories, and too difficult to install because this person need more $5.
Again, the worst module from the worst developer. This person knowledge is under Boonex community standard. Unfortunately, I have a serious concern and tremendous doubt about this person ability to sell anything to innocent buyers like me without any protection. I will try to rise this critical issue to who is responsible. Fundamentally, and important question, is there any criteria to decide who can sell us real module or just anyone can surf Boonex.com and write piece of script in few minutes then start to sell us? I recommend to keep some honest watchdogs awake, reviewing all vendors and their products. Finally. I notice too many winks everywhere with no sense... ( Thank you for reading with full respect to all Boonex members)
LoL, Sorry, but what? When you cannot click a button, or dont understand the "Sync" button. Why you have a community page? I have check your site, a many times, and NO fucking errors comes when i add a link or import events. (With your facebook datas) and what make you? Dont add links and, sorry for my words, you're going on the assumption that the module imported events to your site on your tastes without a link to add. Good idea Sherlock. I should give you as a customer a bad review. see more You stole a week of my live with your ....

And you install the script on more than one page. The License is for ONE PAGE!
It's a great feature to add to my site. I love it. Adds more value to my site, any site for that matter. Had a few issues in the beginning, which the creator was happy to help out.
Worked fine, then stopped working, had Sven do remote access and made it worse. Started importing wrong pictures for events. It hasn't worked since. Very Sad :( I really liked the module, but can't enjoy it..
LoL? You become free support + extra code only for your site, a fix for that and you give me 1 point. Nice man.
Excellent Mod works with 7.3. Excellent support with understanding the process. Import, approve locations, import event again and it populates.
This does nothing for me. Have contacted seller but recieved no response
Absolut great Module!! I can recommend it and the support was great. Very simple to use for our members! Thank you sven!
This is a great idea, but I'm afraid it only works for me perhaps 3 times out of 10, and even then, the data is not complete. Would love to give it more stars, but 1 is about all I can do so far. Maybe when a decent update comes out...?
Why it not works for you is :
* you will add not public events
* you have dont make a fresh new facebook account
* you have not accept the app for the account(the new one) who request the events
* you live in DE, Germany, you dont need to change the time zone.
* you dont use my free support to check this
Great Mod!!!
Easy to install and easy to use.
Even the most demanding will not need to improve it visually.
Sven takes care of its css.
great mod. i suggest everyone to get this mod!! great support as well from developer!!!
i don´t support this mod and it doesn´t work like it should be.
well you can import all the events and all the events are shown in the event modul, but the maps and maps search and all seo for google with rich snippets etc. don´t work then anymore.
the event map pulls the informations from the location modul, so for all events the locations must be insered before, and this the importer mod doesn´t do, so there are empty fields and warnings for all blocks and entries from rich snippet see more test tool and google will ignore them.
so then it is better to use the standard event modul from dolphin and use for that the other importer from him. my mod will not do that anymore what it should do.
In a few locations from Facebook, there have empty fields eg. zip code or city. The location will import, but you must enter the "empty" fields manual.
rich shipping is fixed. But now the user must approved the location before events will add automatically.
This module is a really good additional extension to the ue30 events & locations module. As hosting event communities since 5 years I can tell you it saves 100s of hours of event adding! Support is very fast and I am really happy that I have bought this module.
Ok I have a lot of clients who I have recommended the UE30 Events to, but any add-ons were always for the default Boonex events module which is sooo weak. So when Webby put up this importer for the regular Boonex Events, I talked him into working with my demo site to make it functional for the UE30 Events also!

He worked hard to setup the program, and it works perfectly. Not only does it populate the UE30 locations, but also adds in the event and imports photos as well. So now a site can import see more events directly from Facebook pages designated by site manager. They run in background, and update perfectly.

Of course, you are at the mercy of the person who input the event and the completeness of the entry on Facebook, but in 95% of all cases, it really shines in populating your site with the latest events in your niche, locales, or region.

Getting this module will give even more reasons for people to go to your site to find the best directory of events!

A+ for program, A+ for concept , A++ for support, and A+ for a very valuable tool!
i am a bad critic and this one really made me happy. If I am happy, than its good
This one is a SUPER module. Just bought it and really love it. I highly recommanded it. The customer support is also really nice and really quick.
all works fine ... really good customer support!
i enjoy the purchase!
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