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We provide mod services for Dolphin software platform. Please contact us for any mod customization needs for your site. Some of our mods are - D2Facebook Mod D2Twitter Mod D2Instagram Mod Job Portal Mod Donation Manager Mod Lyrics Mod Corner Peeler Mod Deals Mod Celebs Mod Recipes Mod Gadget Mod Tools Mod and lot's more....

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great to work with, sad to see this product no longer supported as it was a favorite of my community ad myself. I highly recommend this seller though.
This guy seems to leave his customers hanging. I would suggest not buying his prodcts and save yourselves time and money.
senthurleft feedback on Movies Zone12th of July 2015
Are you going to upgrade 7.1.6 Apps? I brought your movie Zone app 7.1.4. Now, we have 7.1.6.
stilllll waiting for my license keys on my 2nd order....great mods but honestly having to wait like this is just so disresepctful to paying customers ... can you reply back to my many messages, thanks
I am having GREAT difficulty getting tech help from Mods4Dolphin . In the past he was very fast and efficient but last few months it's been difficult . I have been waiting for tech help for 2 weeks now...... Please
looks like a great mod but i been waiting for the licenses to get it goin
Please check the IM we sent..thanks!
how long does it take to get the licenses? Looking forward to adding this mod to my site but still waiting.
Very nice mod :) Now you can have a full facebook and twitter ready website
Thanks for your kind words and feedback!!!
I bought and downloaded this mod before 6 days. The zip file is corrupted the I contacted its developers but no reply so far.
Hi, We apologize for the inconvenience. Not sure, why the users are not able to download it from the Market, we will investigate it. We have emailed the mods to you for now..thanks!
I am waiting for a reply for 4 days now as I bought it and the file was empty?
Sorry for the late response, we have replied to your message..thanks!
Got this package, these guys went above and beyond to help. The modules are awesome, worth the price, and the support is great
I really do not know what people are talking about these modules here. I bought the modules and tested them and I had to take them down. They have potential but still are far from being even good.
Armaan was good resolving a conflict with Deano's Twitter Connect module; but then I asked him a few questions and days...days passed and no answer. Definitely a waste of money. My bad.
Hi SFCS, thanks for the feedback. We apologize for not replying to your last set of questions, we will do that today. We saw it but then it got piled under other messages and we completely forgot to get back to it. We are sure we can work with you and resolve the template issues like width, opening links in new windows etc. Thanks
eva1left feedback on FAQ Zone16th of April 2014
I bought this module some years ago, this module now has been updated with the additional option to embed YouTube videos (which makes very useful)

My feedback:-
Concept: *****
Core Improvement *****
Easy to use: *****
Installation: *****
Installation time: 3 min
Does what it says: *****

Will I continue to use this product? Yes
Would I recommend this product to others? Yes
Would I purchase from this seller again? Yes
Follow up Support: *****
Customer Care: *****
Overall: see more *****
Would I recommend this vendor to others? Yes (100%)
Thanks for your kind words, we really appreciate it!!!
albarnesleft feedback on Movies Zone8th of April 2014
I bought and really like it. Service is outstanding and 5*****....Send devloper a small wish for future changes but a great mod as is.
Thanks, we are looking at your wish and will try to add it in the next release...
Wonderful product and it was so simple to install...
Great module. It is coming closer and closer to exactly what I need for my website with each version. Good work guys and keep it up. I am surprised with the popularity of instagram no one has done this sooner.
Thanks for your kind words and feedback.
First class Module. My members used it immediately after i connected it to my App on FB. As i use a PHP Version on my Server which needed an Update of the module and made some Problems on the beginning i needed support from Amaan and he fixed it completely. Thumbs up.
Thank you sir for your nice feedback!
You need to translate some variables, for examlpe:

$dreceived = "Received $damount $dCurrency towards our goal of $dGoal $dCurrency.";
echo "<h3>Cancelled. The donation was not processed successfully. Please try again !!!</h3>";

Why do you hardcode language strings?????
Wow, just because it's not translated you gave us 1/5, what about the features?? Un-imaginable???
This mod is so cool i really don't know what to say.
One feature that missing in the Facebook are pages member have created on facebook
Outside of that i priceless...
thank you so much for your hard work I'm looking forward to purchasing additional mods in the future.
Great Mod, great service..what more can you ask for. Thanks Mods4dolphin..Keep up the great work.
Very disappointing that you did not upgrade your recipe and celebrity modules. Good vendor, but really left us out to dry on this one.
Pretty disappointing that you did not upgrade this module.
Hi, Sorry for the delay but we have finally upgraded the mod to support all versions of 7.1.X. We have also added some exciting new features, hope our customers would like it...
Have been waiting 5 days for my license and salt to activate this mod and sent more than 1 email asking for it, ive had no response and im giving a bad rating as ive seen a comment made by mods4dolphin on the latest boonex blog post about turning 13. The comment was made the same day as i posted this. Not happy!!!!
The license keys were sent to you, please check...thanks
When will the new Facebook mod be out? It no longer works after Facebook's new API changes! Loved it when it worked but needs to be updated!
I received an email from Mod4dolphin, last week, that he will be updating the Twitter Mod in about a week. I also told him about the Facebook API changes that are scheduled for this month. They go effect soon, so hopefully he is looking at that now also. Preacting is planning for success.
Great Mod when it works......When will a 7.1.3 update be available? I'm having issues and Demo site has issues as well
Twitter recently updated their OAuth API, we will fix it in the version we release for 7.1.3 in 3-4 days..thanks
New versions compatible with 7.1.3 released today...
New API 1.1 for Twitter just took effect, need to update module for it to work. Anyone else experience this on their site.
Yes. I am getting an error that says: Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/xxxx/xxxxx/modules/mods4dolphin/d2twitter/classes/BxD2twitterModule.php on line 129
Twitter recently updated their OAuth API, we will fix it in the version we release for 7.1.3 in 3-4 days..thanks
have been trying to reach you for support of the combo but still no response. very slow response time
Amit Choudhary
Before I bought this module , I was having a gut feeling that I should not buy from this person but after going through the reviews of you all , I decide to buy the same but my 6th sense was telling me right and now I am regretting that why I had taken such decision.
This mod dosen't work when you try to connect you got an error message, and when you try to contact the mods4dolphin they reply very unprofessionally that they have no concern with your problems, and when you try to make them understand see more what you are facing then they stop replying.
so I think it is a fraud which I am going to post in dispute section and also put a dispute in paypal.
People like you discourage honest developers by calling our hard work as fraud. Can't you see that we have been supporting the mod for almost 3 years. Expecting support in 24 hours for every question is not reasonable especially during weekends. Moreover, the issue with your site is something wrong at your side. If you are not technical, dont try to run a site by yourself. Anyways, we have refunded the full amount..thanks for trying our service, Regards,Armaan
Excellent Service and quick response with License Key!
Best Regards,
Great service and support. Responsiveness is a 10.
does this plugin still work in 7.1?
Feerie Jade
Hi, I bought " Facebook and Twitter Mod - Combo Package 15.02.2013.", I keep on writing to you , need KEY for facebook mod. Can you respond ? My developer is waiting everyday . You need to improve your customer service .
dlphlvleft feedback on FAQ Zone16th of February 2013
When will this be compatible with 7.1???
javpleft feedback on Deals Zone29th of January 2013
im getting error Fatal error: Call to undefined function bx_get() in /home/jpwebsol/public_html/fishchumsnew/modules/mods4dolphin/deals/classes/BxDealsSearchResult.php on line 238 after installing... please help
ttime1left feedback on Recipes Zone9th of January 2013
How soon for 7.1 Upgrade?
Should be ready in a week...
The mod is compatible with 7.1.4 now as well...
Got a little bit of time to put together a few FAQs, and all went smooth....
It really helps having the ability for members to post FAQs as well :) Think I'll enjoy that most :)
Hoping soon it will be ready for 7.1____so we can get busy bringing our members up to speed on all the awesome new features ;)

As far as suggestions go- I would include the ability to Quick-Direct-Post YouTube Videos as well, which seems to be common now with other mods....
Another trending idea is integration with see more Other popular 3rd Party products- Points.....EVO....Etc.

Great Mod though and will definitely get the job done nicely....
PS- Loved seeing the HUGE list of DEFAULT Categories already there upon installation...THANKS!
I do not see how to get the discount. When I put items in my cart and go to checkout they are at full price.
Please email half the amount directly via email to and let us know and we will add that mod to your account.
paid, downloaded, and uploaded but Dolphin admin could not see the module after follow instruction. Please help.
Replied via PM and problem solved.
Great mod, Great service, I recomend 100%. Thank you for the world class service
love always
I love this module... This is a piece of the pie to my website
Thanks for the feedback. Customer satisfaction is our top priority!!!
Not sure how good this mod is as I had installed on my 7.0.9 ver and couldn't get running, well for now I just upgraded to ver 7.1 beta -would you be so kind as to work on a working version of this module for us for the brand new 7.1. I say this kindly as I have already paid the $50 bucks and haven't seen this mod run yet! Thanks kindly and regards,
Please PM for support issues. i assume this has been resolved...thanks
meljaxxleft feedback on FAQ Zone4th of November 2012
LOVE IT!! Easy to install and use but powerful enough to easily give my users all the info they need!!
Best price on the market place for an effect donations module. Easy to edit and user friendly for site visitors to offer donations. What we all want when we buy something is that it does what it says. It does.. I have already added on to the donations content box by putting my sites avg threat labs green seal of safety to the box and changed the donation button image. Very easy to work with. Thanks!
It's a really nice mod with a negative caveat. You can't use it right away, need to email them a request for license at which time they send you the seed and key. It was easier to remove the single line requiring the key than waiting, what is now well past the 12-24 hour response time to get the key. Maybe they're on vacation.
Thanks for the feedback but we usually respond in that window. We will try to automate the licensing system in the new version. Thanks,Armaan.
I downloaded the recipe module but I am finding some errors on it. Its for a public site but all the files are showing private in the public home page for guests. You have to be logged in as a member to view. can anyone help please? I hvent heard from the Armaan!
i just bought this mod but i dont see a download link?
I love both these mods a truly must for any website and the service was awesome. I appreciate everything. Armaan and his team has done for me!! I can definitely will work with him in the future. Any problem i had he took care of it right then and there, Keep it the good work.
Excellent mod and really love it. And great support!!
Hi, it is more than 24 hours when I purchase your module but I haven't received my license. I hava alreade sent 2 emails. Please send me my licence in my paypal email adress: my website domain is:

I am in the same boat, shocking service really!!! how hard is it to just automate the license registration system!
We will add this feature in the next version..thanks
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