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Information Technology Consultant, and software developer.

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Our organization went "all Goneex" a while ago, including hosting and design/tech support. We don't have to look back and regret. Vernel and his team have responded to all our needs in timely and professional manner. The quotes for improvements come within the hour, the tech team is available around the clock to assist, if we were in trouble.
Goneex also took a close look on our organization's site and our needs and built a good understanding of our operations and needs. Through this see more they constantly offer us sage advice on what is plausible and best for us.
Highly recommended!

Jari E.
MOLA, inc.
Great community with great goals and mission. This community of renewable energy specialist are partnered with international manufacturers that can provide them with wholesale pricing. They in turn pass these saving and technologies directly to the consumer. Business to Business to Consumer poratl and community.WHAT A GREAT IDEA!!!!!!!!
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