VernelAdministrationwebadministrator, consultant, contributorOpen budget1 bids$300 average bid24th of February 2011

Web Administrator

We are looking for someone who is very familiar with the use and functionality of the dolphin software. The job will include building profiles and consulting my staff on the ability of the software. We need someone that can help us build the community from ground up. They should have experience in customizing the software and acting as a contributor. The participation will include managing profiles that we set up to generate and demonstrate the uses of the software. They will also help manage the FB page and twitter account. The position could become a permanent career in a start-up company that has great potentials.

YobiLab24th of February 2011bid: $300  timeframe: 30 daysPermalink
Hello our Company can help you. We can do that for the cheap price of $300 - $400 per month based on the requirements. Let me know.
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