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Wanted: A very friendly friends mod!

I am looking for someone to create a mod that will change how the friends selection process works in my 7.03.


1.) I would like my members to be able to select to have the site auto-send their friend request to each new member that joins.

2.) I would like new members to be presented with these requests upon joining automatically

3.) I would like there to be a limit of how many friend requests a new member can receive at a time (maybe a limit of 10 per day, make it admin configurable)

4.) I would like new members to be able to choose to auto-approve all incoming friend requests. (in which case, per day limits would not be required)

The idea is simple. The current friends security setup can make a small site seem inactive to new people. Also, there are a lot of sites out there that are content specific, like mine. It's a towing & recovery site for towing professionals. Generally speaking, most members want to be able to immediately interact with all the other members without having to search them down and befriend them. This problem has been a stumbling block since I built and I need to get it resolved.

No bids so far.
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Oh come on! There must be someone out there that can tackle this tiny little project!
This job has been nicely completed by Anyakates.....
For some reason, the site won't let me delete the job offer....
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