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I had a very big issue with my Mass Mailer and Jay was good enough to help me throughout !! On top of this I have one of Jays new Mods which I tried to add a review for but am not able to......

I have this mod from Jay and I must say it is AWESOME and well worth the fee he is asking for it ;) Infact it must be 'worth Double' and Jay is just being nice !

Jay's Mass Mailer Mod:-

This mod took 5 Min's to install and the best thing of all see more is it does not mess with any core Dolphin files whatsoever!

This mod does not replace the standard mass mailer but however work independently (along side it).

This is one of the most professional looking mods around and kicks ass compared to the standard Dolphin Mass Mailer....

If your looking for a professional, speedy and to be honest one of the best mods out in my opinion then THIS IS A MUST HAVE FOR ANY SERIOUS COMMUNITY and will ELIMINATE ISSUES WITH LARGE SITES AND MASS MAILING MEMBERS !!!

Get this mod and you will see exactly what I mean and Jay is Awesome for bringing this Unique Mod to Boonex

From a guy who has this mod working and is using it constantly...... CHECK IT OUT ;)

Regards, Josh @ Social Munch

P.S Thanks Jay and Good Luck with your adventures bro
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