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registered 01.09.07
Skills: php, ajax, css, jquery, html5, custom development, modules, bug repairs.
Timezone: CSTWorking Hours: 8am-8pm
Availability: Aways Available
Spoken Languages: English

I am Tony, Owner of . I am dedicated to Boonex, Support, and your community

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Total con artist ......... beware...........never do business with him again
I have no idea who you are! Why leave a comment on someone that has never even heard of you!
left job unfinished ,,tried to contact numerous times,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Hey Will. I hope everything is good with you! Sense you made this post we had attempted numerous times to contact you. Later you came to us with more work in which we priced out for you and still here for you if you need us!
are you ever going to finish nmy sites like we agreed,,,,i have tried numerous times to contact you
this guy is a rip off. do due bizz with him - ripped me off for $200 bucks by selling and installing someone else mod on my system, changed the name of the mod and tried to call it his mod. i discourage anyone from doing business with this guy.
Sorry, This is simply not true. That is not very professional. We are a professional development company.
Please folks beware of this fraudster. He will take deposits of you with no return policy. Pleasse read his T & C. Once the deposit has been paid he will keep in contact with you promissing to complete and making excuses but nothing. I have been ripped of public sector money. The proceeds from the site was supposed to fund shanty towns and we begged and pleadedwith him but no joy. Still not had our money returned and no work on the site. He has profile on odesk, associated with a company see more called developeronline. i even told him that i had been wripped of before and he said you've got no worries with us. turnsout hes the worst kind of criminal. Since i have reported him to the as well as instructed debt collectors in Texas. Please be aware of these fraudsters.
There is no such thing in our TOS! We deliver a product that we are hired to do. If the client adds onto this project then we need to charge more. This is exactly what happened here.
SImion, having taken an advance payment and not complying to the timeline you have already done great damage to my project, Now I want to know whether u will complete it still or will give me excuses everyday.
This work HAD been completed and working fully on his site. Yes, because of issues from previous developers it did take us a couple extra days to work though the issues. In the end we not only completed the job but also did several other repairs and modifications on his site. The client still refused to make the final payment. Be very careful working with him.
This guy is an amazing programmer and know Dolphin very well! He give me a really fast and friendly follow up. All the tasks and jobs I give him are completed @ 100% and in a perfect delivery time. I will work again with you for sure! Thanks again Simion.
Whats up bro, you need some luv on here, u only go 2 comments. lol..but yeah i would fasho recommend anybody doing business with this guy. he is good and knows his craft. very down to earth and easy to work with. if you can think it, pretty much this guy here can get it done for you and for good prices hit him up and do business today!!
LOL.. Thank you man. Yes, I do not ask people to comment on my profile. If they feel the need too then that is great. I appreciate it.
Simion and 1Faze proved me with great service regarding my dolphin site. They help me with my original idea but also showed me a way to improve on it a little. The project was finished ahead of time, everything was very professional and the cost was reasonable.
send me your skype handle and I will call soon.
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