Exertzzz Bugs

Simion posted 12th of February 2008 in Community Voice. 4 comments.
hey team,

 Sense the upgrade to the new beta of Expertzzz there has been a couple bugs that are still there. Soofi posted about them in a previous post, but I just wanted to follow up with them to see if we have an estimated time frame?

 basically all the "light box" ajax features on the site are not working.
in the Search ( from all pages except clicking seach on the forum itself), the processing of sales in the accounts section, and the login on the front index page ( but no other pages) is having issues.

 Instead of showing the boxes to make the changes in, it is showing a URL that can not be clicked. More like an error.

 I have several clients that I have Emailed the purchases to them, but I would like to process it on the site so that they can have them available for  future downloads if they ever need a new copy.

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Yeah ! I did miss a few of these out and Victor said he'll follow up on it but never heard anything again !

BTW - Can we have the skin sources for Ray 3,1 ?
Thanks for your reports. Those errors have been fixed.

It still doesn't workfor me if I use IE7.. if I try to process an order the screen goes gray and displays a string of text in the background. If I use FIrefox it works fine??
I had the same results mscott.
It may be cought in your cache. try clearing your cache.
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