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API Developer Needed

We are in need of an api developer.

Project requirements:

The API should be built within the Dolphin Modules and each API function should be different classes within that one module.

Each state will have its own API built to verify from various state websites that we provide.

The Join form will have 1 field that will be called “License Number”

The API will check the state, license number, and Real name to verify the information is input correctly.

When it verifies properly it will allow the user to create the account on the site. If the information does not verify then they will need to go back an put in the correct profile information. When the user reenters the new License number/Real Name/ State then it will again re-verify allowing them to join.


There will be 1 API per state. within the US.


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I can do this. david 985-882-1111
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