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Simion posted 20th of June 2009 in Community Voice. 9 comments.

I know I do not post here often. This is because our company has been very busy with modifications, Service, Support, and designs for Boonex clients. But I thought I would make a post in my blog to talk about dolphin 7.0 and what I have seen in the Alpha that has caught me by surprise.



   There really is no way to put this into words so I will try. Boonex and the programmers have REALLY REALLY REALLY gone WAY out of their way to bring to the community the very BEST in all aspects. I have NEVER in my 15 years of developing and designing run into such a robust and feature rich application that is far more superior to anything out there.


   It makes me very proud to say that I am a partner of a company that has supplied an application to the general public that truly competes ( even down grades) the Social Networking giants such as Facebook, myspace, Twitter.

  I have D7.0 on my test servers and pitting ti through the paces and of course it is an alpha, but even in the alpha I just can not BELEAVE the flexibility, Options, and even state of the art functions delivered to not only the web master but the users.


  I feel like a kid at Christmas and all excited for the things that are to come..


So this is a person post directed to the people that have made this happen.

Andrew and VictorT - Your leadership and focus and your desire to not only be the best but also see your dreams and reaching for them has not only succeeded... but you have rocketed past them. I want you to guys to know that your efforts and daily quests for excellence has certainly paid off and the both of you have lead this team into a whole new bracket and YOU have set a new standard of excellence that will be difficult is not impossible for anyone else to follow.

   I speak with you both often, and I know you are both to busy with your own tasks for the day to talk long, but I am honored and inspired by you both.


Mike and Lyubov - There is nothing more than I can say about you both other than the best of the best in the face of the public.  You both and I talk every other night or so, helping clients-discussing tasks- and general chit chat. You have become not only friends to me, but have shown me that there are people out there that do care about customer service, take a genuine interest in the clients, and a true asset to Boonex.


   To be very honest you inspire me. As I explained to Andrew myself personally, you are a huge asset to this company and I have made it a habit to model myself in your professional outlook and inspiration I get from you from just the simple conversation. I could only wish I had people on our team with the same level of professionalism toward the clients as you display. The fact is I handle all of the 1Faze.com clients with the same aspirations as you display. I talk to all of them personally to assure them the same level of professionalism and care.


 Boonex Development Team: Although I do not get to speak with you often because of your own tasks and workloads, you do not get enough recognition for the great work you put out. I know the days get long and the jobs get more and more difficult. But look at what you have done here? You have single handedly put out the very best product that money can buy. You have done things that no one else could do, only dream of doing. When everything is said and done, at the end of the day. You can look into the eyes of your friends and family and say " Today we made progress. Today we built a dream. Today I made a difference. Today.... I became the best there is"


   I am truly shocked by what you have done on D7.0 and doing.


Our team at 1Faze.com would like to tip out hats to boonex for the efforts you have put in, the sacrifices you have made, and the many sleepless nights of work. I know how it is. There was many nights I would wake from my sleep with the "cure" for a problem a client has and pick up the laptop next to my bed and do it. I know how it is. Why do I do it? Because of the inspiration that all of you have given me. You have given me the want and the need to be the best there is and offer nothing but the best as you have displayed in D7.0


  So from all of us at 1Faze.com, to you and your families...

Congrats on the newest, latest, and greatest development work I have seen in any peace of software to date. Keep up the great work.


What a shame it would be for your best dreams to go to waste. Do the work to make them real and you'll find great fulfillment along the way.

Those things you love with all your heart are the most valuable things you have to offer. Truly make the world a more beautiful place by bringing your innermost desires to life.

Even the smallest acts have great power when they are sincere. When your efforts come directly from who you truly are, they always make a difference.

The world is filled with noise and confusion. But it does not ever have to distract you from what means the most to you.

Again and again, connect with those real and lasting values. When times are good, and when times are tough, they will always serve you well.

Your life is a beautiful and precious thing. Live the beauty, live the value, and live the substance of your most magnificent dreams.

Highest and respectful regards,



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In my eyes life is the most precious thing you will ever have.

It was given freely by God to do good and follow Jesus.

Excellent Work Andrey and Victor the Co-Owners of Dolphin and to All of Boonex Staff!

Amen to that !
I will 2nd that or is it 3rd.

Well done boonex.
I will get in line with that.. although we have had our ups and downs, I still respect Andrew and VictorT, Mike & L.B.

Andrew Boon
Thank you so much Simion. I wish we had more time, hands and heads to do things a little quicker, though.

CyberXing, we had our share of misunderstanding, but I always hope to settle issues with people, without going ballistic. You've done a lot of great job here and you had a controversial situation, which is still fairly unclear... so yeah, we had ups and downs, but I am glad you're still here, with us.
thank you for the response, And yes somethings might seem unclear to certain people and the ones that need to know and or are involved are/will be notified accordinly.

I chose not to air issues in public and because of that allot of people chose to take that as a show of weakness or guilt. (I assure you that is NOT the case and I am sure you are aware of that)

I have been following D7 closely and will be offerring services and solutions shortly.

And as always, feel free to contact see more me if you need any assistance, would be nice to work with igor again!


Rome was not built in a day. perfection and excellence takes time. No need to rush things faster. Time is on your side my friend. This is your dream, and your dream turned into ours. That is a true passion that you have bought to life.
Thanks Simion.... you guys (and our clients) are why we are even here! For my part, smoothing the way as clearly and concisely as possible and otherwise helping out is just treating all of you as you should be treated - our valued customers! We wouldn't be much without all your hard work and input! Pat yourselves on the back too and accept OUR thanks!
@Technoman....so right - keep walking!
Thank you Mike. I ment every word of what I said above. As long as there is a Boonex, there will be a 1Faze supporting it. We are honored to work with you and our clients.
Hey Mike, Long time - hope all is well, and talk to you soon..

Looks like we have a strong showing for D7 !!

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