upgrading to 6.0004

Simion posted 5th of February 2008 in Community Voice. 15 comments.
I have noticed that there are alot of people looking for the step by step instructions to upgrading to 6.0003 to 6.0004

This is the link:
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Umm... Where's the upgrade.php and upgrade.sql file?

I download from http://www.boonex.com/products/dolphin/download/ (Ad free version), but they're not in the zip file.

Thanks for any help!
I do not think there is any database changes only files.

There is no upgrade.php file... You have to use the link provided above to make the changes

I believe you are confused a little bit.

Of course there are database changes and there is an upgrade.php file.

But both are not in the main package.

If you will look carefully at the page http://www.boonex.com/trac/dolphin/wiki/6.0.0003to6.0.0004
You should read that you are offered to download "Dolphin 6 Patch 0004" (Free or AdFree) packages which you should apply.

Also there is a Diff available too. This is for those who has highly customized their sites.
Hello Victor :-)

You already gave the fingers, now I will ask for the whole arm...

Is that possible for the Diff file to content only the modified files ??? Coz the current files list is very long and only some of them was modified... It's quite difficult (at least for me) to navigate and remember which files I already checked...

Just forget my post if that will need too much of your precious time ;-)
I just did a clean 6.0004 install + license yesterday and it went perfectly.

It surprised me.

I was ready for a few hours of messing around with the settings...I ended going to sleep early yesterday.

My question is if i did an upgrade how do i prevent my user from being lost.
What part of the patch do i really need to do and is it and different then the current version or should i just wait for 6.1?

Upgrading with the patch will not make you lose your current members or their information.

If you feel uncomfortable about it, just make a back up of the database and the files that you change. ( I would recommend doing that anyway). This way if something goes wrong, all you have to do it recover the database
I attempted the upgrade 2 times. It didnt work for me. I dont know why. I think I am stumped on step 3: Upgrading your database. It doesnt load the run page in my browser. It says "page not found". Even though that happen both times I went on to step 4. but once I got to step 5: editing the header.inc.php file... I dont think I get the absolute path correct for the header.inc.php or the notifies.php files.

Any help?

PS.. yes there are the upgrade.php and upgrade.sql files. see more You can find them when you extract all files in the zip. Click view and you will see them.

If anyonne can figure out what Ive done wrong and advise me I appriciate the help.

PS. I used the directions on the download page. Going to go see if the step by steps posted here are the same.

The absolute path would be somthing like:
home/*your user name*/ public_html/*path to dolphin* ... that is pending your server settings and configuration. If you have questions on what this is then you can contact your hosting company.

Also, What I did ( may not be the best move) but I opened the upgrade.php to see what the changes was ( you will find in there new langauge descriptions that needs to be added to dolphin through your dolphin admin).. then I uploaded the SQL through see more MyPhpAdmin manually.

Just make sure you read all the changes that take place in the upgrade.php and make them accordingly.

Like I said.. this MAY not be the best method of install, but it is atleast an answer for you in the mean time.
I need help with my site, any of you interested in doing some webwork for me? Thanks,
This upgrade ll fix the problem with my profile link from 6.0003 version?
Cause when i hit My Profile link Give me error page
ex. http://www.mypage.com/madart
not http://www.mypage.com/profile.php?=ID1
pffff i don't know what to do..
I upgrade it !

But i have the same problem with profiles + Ray suite not work in admin panel and i can't register ... i did it step by step but .. nothing :( help...
Thank you SImon. I might try it your way. Have a question 1st though.
Do I do it the step by step way and then go in and modify the upgrade.php?
Or will the changes to upgrade.php do it all?
Can I just overwrite the newer upgrade.php. Put it into directory and run it>? Wouldnt that do it too?

Im new at this.... So have plenty to learn. (Guess we all do)
upgrade.php will only work one time. If you have run it and try again, you will get an error message.
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