Regarding New License Policy and Bugs

Simion posted 21st of May 2009 in Community Voice. 2 comments.

The new license on the most recent version of Dolphin was for one reason only. In order to FINALLY make Dolphin, Ray, and Orka 1 whole package. One License for all.

However, Like in everything that is not touched by the hand of the all mighty, there are going to be simple mistakes. The good news is mistakes can be repaired and was repaired. At one time there was no Ray, no Orca... just Dolphin. Then when Boonex started adding in these options then people understood that we would charge for these "upgrades". In fact the clients LOVED them. These are no longer upgrades, they are standard ( I thank boonex for this VERY MUCH) . And while making them standard, they ran into bugs. Please stand by. Sorry for the inconvenience in making Dolphin the best there is out there in offering your community the highest quality platform available and the best possible price. Hands Down

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I agree man, Dolphin is great and will improve, and as I said in my blog, all they need to improve is someone here to offer support. If they accomplish that, Dolphin will skyrocket!!
We are more than happy to assist you or any other boonex site with service and modifications. Whatever you issue is please feel free to contact me personally and I will do whatever it takes to get your issues resolved. My personal Email is
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