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I´m a professional developer and designer with nearly 8 years dolphin experience. I can help you with concept ideas, plugin development, theme design and software development.

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You can't beat the price.
Works great. Helpful and great price!!!
thank you xeluan, For long i have been looking for a solution like this on boonex market. this is an Excellent module every body must have. Good Job.
great freebie, looking forward to the premium version
Many thanks! I will publish a premium version in next days. In the support forum post we can discuss about new possible premium features.
Very good Srvice. Quickly and very well helped. Can only hope that there will soon be even more programs.

best regards
Hi at all,

I´m very very unhappy I neglected the developing of my mods and the support for you guys.

During the course of recent months it was very stressfull for me. I had a creative pause and I socialised a lot as a software architect and project manager for next generation social communities and content managment systems.

I´m so sorry! But now the long waiting came to an end and I´m back.

With a lot of experiences.
With a lot of ideas
With a lot of drive! :)

But see more also I´m down to earth, so I now, only many hands (and brains) make powerfull, modular and easy to use modules.

Therefore I need you guys? But for what?

For many feedbacks of my complete xeluan suite of next gen social modules for dolphin.

The suite will contain many free mods and also enterprise ready commercial mods.

I´m currently work hard to release the first plugins for the newest dolphin. Please be patient in the next 2 weeks. I will inform all my clients and fans as soon as the first package is ready.

Along these lines I thank you guys for your patience and your faith. I will return to you with a gift package.

Best Regards

Excellent person to work with. Always ready to help.. Wish he got more modes to sell. Great help to community.
Whats wrong with you ? you say you wanna help then you ask for all my access to my server, then you gone wtf ?
Hi, as I already send you a message I will help you after I finished other support tasks for my clients. Please remember, I help you for free without a fee! Sorry for any inconvenience!
Best man and salesman. Very helpful and trustworthy :)
I use Premium xeluan Subnavigation Menu Manager, Dolphin are all my sites with different templates, xeluan immediately responded to my request for support and have solved installation problems quickly, courteously and professionally.
The first thing for which I am using this module is to replace the globe (which is not very very clear in the choice of languages) by a bar with flags (you can see the result on the site rainbowboyw-gay-love.com).
Xelan foresee other functionalities ...
Thank see more you for this module free and very effective support.

J'utilise Premium Subnavigation Menu Manager de xeluan,mes sites Dolphin sont tous avec des templates différents,xeluan a immédiatement répondu a ma demande de soutien et as résolu les problèmes d'installations très rapidement,avec courtoisie et professionnalisme.
La première chose pour laquelle j'utilise ce module,c'est de remplacer le globe (qui n'est pas très explicite pour le choix des langues) par une barre avec les drapeaux (vous pouvez voir le résultat sur le site rainbowboyw-gay-love.com).
Xelan prévois d'autres fonctionnalités...
Merci pour ce module gratuit et le support trés efficace.
Highly Recommend! Great mod I needed that mod for my website. it took me only 1 minute to do the installation. I have 5 Templates on my site it work like a charm on all of them.

Thanks Xeluan ,I am looking forward to buy all your future mods. Once again Highly Recommend Xeluan is a true professional. Very well done
Guys I have the pleasure to say I'm the first one to try this module and it works like a charm. You can create unlimited rows of menus!
The installation is so easy and Xeluan is absolutely professional and great!
Thanks Xeluan for this great mod
Yes, I like this idea, but I wonder if it becomes overwhelming to users?

More importantly how would this work with other templates designed by other vendors? Will it be compatible?
Thanks for your comment! Yes, maybe it becomes overwhelming to users. Some situations requires a submenu like an action or as a short menu. This plugin was developed with the motive to use it with each template. The Core template was not changed. Only a short tag you have to put in your sub_header file. And Voila it's done! ;)
Do I need to put my glasses? can't see the Download?
Sorry, now it should work correctly!
where to download?
Sorry, now it should work correctly!
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