Hi at all,

I´m very very unhappy I neglected the developing of my mods and the support for you guys.

During the course of recent months it was very stressfull for me. I had a creative pause and I socialised a lot as a software architect and project manager for next generation social communities and content managment systems.

I´m so sorry! But now the long waiting came to an end and I´m back.

With a lot of experiences.
With a lot of ideas
With a lot of drive! :)

But see more also I´m down to earth, so I now, only many hands (and brains) make powerfull, modular and easy to use modules.

Therefore I need you guys? But for what?

For many feedbacks of my complete xeluan suite of next gen social modules for dolphin.

The suite will contain many free mods and also enterprise ready commercial mods.

I´m currently work hard to release the first plugins for the newest dolphin. Please be patient in the next 2 weeks. I will inform all my clients and fans as soon as the first package is ready.

Along these lines I thank you guys for your patience and your faith. I will return to you with a gift package.

Best Regards

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