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A Boonex Moderator, keeping things in order and helping members with there sites when possible. Design, SEO, Marketing. We produce results...

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Thanks to this person. He fix my issue with forum!
I can see i NOT the only person saved by rhimpr's work . I was in a jam and he jumped right in a assisted me with out hesitation. I am very appreciative for his help and will make a small donation to a charity as a way of saying thanks.
This guy is gift from heaven!! I was in a Huge bind and he was gracious enough to take the time to help a brother out!
See this thread for the details....
Thank you so much for help when I needed it. I am very grateful because I even learned other mistakes not to do again.

-- is a stand-up guy!!! Very trustworthy and extremely helpful!!!

He came to me in a forum-post for a problem I was having with
the BLINDS Mod., gave some suggestions, and then he went
FAR BEYOND what most would - he went into my cPanel and my
site, installed the Mod., corrected and modified the code and files,
got it working, and then told me how.

His work was proficient, fast and friendly - I would recommend him
highly, not only professionally, but he's a top-notch person see more with heart.

I had a problem with setting up the FaceBook app on my site and rhimpr came out of nowhere and made my day in minutes. Thanks and Merry Christmas rhimpr, amazing!!!
I can only reiterate what others have said about this wonderful guy. It took him no time at all to come to my rescue in a time of great need. I cannot thank him enough. Its a pity the Boonex team isnt mage up of guys like this.
Dude you are awesome! I dont think i can even begin to thank you enough with the help on my site! Ive gotten so many messages from members complaining they cant embed videos, many many many many many thanks to you for your help!
Thanks so much for getting me my sites back. With out you they still would be say your IP address has been blocked.
Jumped in and customized and extended existing custom code. Worked quick and did a great job.
Very dependable guy to work with. Knows what he is doing and helps the whole way. I am new to this site and he helped me with 3 installs. I would recommend him to anyone. I will hire him again!! Thanks!!
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