Taking it into our own hands

Simion posted 1st of February 2008 in Community Voice. 30 comments.
As many of you seen in the recent past I made a post on here titled "Theft"
I would like to thank all of you for the help and replying to it.

As devlopers of this community we have desided to bind together and make things happen.
Andrey and the team do a gret job here on this soft ware, but now it is time for US.. the community who supports it to stand up and say ENOUGH... THIS IS OUR COMMUNITY... If you want to be a thief? Bring it SOMEWHERE ELSE!!! PERIOD....

Here is a lesson learned:

CodyT has been posting OUR mods under other names. (Like the one he has posted now).. it is no more good.


CCSN took money out of his own pocket to make the purchase JUST so that he can post a comment about the theft.

Dadniel has been in contact with the hosting company of CodyT and his hosting is in the process of being terminated ( the files containing our stolen software has already been removed)

I contacted PayPal and informed them that he is trading through them selling stolen goods, My atorney has contacted them as well. Within the next 3 day this paypal account will be shutdown as and no other paypal accounts will be able to be open in his name in the future.

Now, Daniel (CCSN).... Thank you my friend for coming out of your pocket to make that post to stand uip for all of us.
In return, Both Dadniel and Myself are both sending you 10.00 to your paypal account to pay you back for the efforts.  Thank you for the great support and in helping us in this matter. We wanted to reward you personally for your efforts. So, that post did not cost you a penny.


Let this be a lesson to anyone else who wants to ATTEMPT to try and take down this communities good name. IT WILL NOT BE TOLLERATED ANY LONGER...


   You know me well enough to know that I am goign to do everything within my power to keep clients happy and be pleased with not only my products but boonex as well... The same thing goes with this community... We are here as UNITY.... not THEFT...

Thank you all for reading
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Yes.. to all those members who brought the impotent little punk to my attention - THANK YOU!!!

Simion... wow man 3 hours in chat a full 57 minutes on the phone my stress level is SO high! Good move on the PayPal notification.. mine will go out as soon as I finish here..

Boonex... may I recommend making the paypal email address field in the dbase a key-field. This will ensure the little twit can't come back again and again!

To those who bought the little-boy's copy of our mods - know this... see more without a paypal transaction ID - I will no longer support any request for help!
Excellent Job Guys. And 2 Thumbs up. We need something like this to happen. I would revoke any licenses he has for boonex also. Free or Ad-Free. put the little punk out of business completely. He gives the whole company a bad name. you give him a title as an expertzzz, and he has clout with people that are not any wiser. Get rid of him completely.

I would like to Thank you, for taking the time out of your busy days, to persue this matter.

For the vast majority of us that have been around long enough, we are aware of this thievery, and the disgusing of these mods, by these little punks.

There are others still parading around other members wares.

My words to the others out there,

I still can't believe that Boonex, has allowed this to happen, and allow these punks to see more still have acsess to this community. Quit dicking around and banish these punks once and for ALL!
YEAH.. You tell'em subsonic!

DO something about it boyzz!!!
I sure hope this all does not come back to bite you guys in the ass. Unless you are protected by some license or copyright service who can show proof that the code is YOURS apon request you will eventually be fighting a never ending battle. I've been through this with someone over stealing some php code of mine for a different site. No matter what you claim, or try to do you must be able to provide proof on request and the licensing company or copyright service must be able to verify the code see more is genuinely your code. My intent is not to rain on your parade but only to speak from expierence about this same type of issue. In the long run Paypal, and the hosting company for the user can both also be charged, or sued for wrongful termination and you ALL could be sued for Libel, and or Slander IF all does not work out in your favor. I just hope things do work out for you as they did not for me.
Are you guys talking about this??


This guy is selling stuff that belongs to all you guys!!
Well good for you and congratulations. It is at least a step forward. I cannot say I was that lucky with my stolen goods. They are still sold on ebay where enceptions/eboy/shaw/seed23 (yeap so many names is so easy to register), and not only that he sells on Expertzzz and ebay what I sell here but he sells a database which is my nest egg. Boonex? No help. In any case, I have also contacted my lawyers and they send C&D to Boonex, Expertzzz and ebay. I didn't even think about Paypal. How do I find see more out his paypal account?

I think the solution is to start a new site and leave Boonex - they will lose badly as because of us this community exist. Let's simply start something new where this will not happen.

Sorry one more comment. It is very wrong to pay people to help you. It is wrong on so many levels.

I agee with that last comment on a certain level.
1) If someone offeres to help you then they are a fool to expect payment. Help is FREE

2) If someone says " Sure I can do it for a fee" and the person agrees to pay the fee, then that is not wrong. The person agrees to pay it on their own.

If someone creates a site mod and has it for sale... IF they say " OK here is this mod for sale for $x.xx " and the purchaser has errors in the scriprt...then tells see more the purchaser " Thank you for the purchase but yes I will repair MY ERROR IN MY CODE for you, at a fee" then that is VERY WRONG in many levels
Simion, you will give much greater credibility to your cause if you do not pay anybody for helping. That shows pure motives. When you pay - well - it is paid person.

Just my 2c
I spoke with the little punk's Daddy.. A nice enough man shocked and appalled by his little boyz actions.

He assures me he will speak to Cody about his activity and suggest he cease before facing criminal charges.

For those of you wishing to speak to him about his son's illegal activity:

15187 93rd Ave.
Surrey, BC V3R 7A7


Be sure to tell him his son is breaking the law and needs to be spanked.. or face the spanking of the Canadian court system - as my next call is to see more the RCMP.
Dadniel, Thank you. I will have my Attorney contact the father
I love the way you think -- no screwing around.. go for the throat and get the lawyer to deal with the little boy.

Thumbs up bud!

wow Are you guys not paying attention? You've broken 2 laws already by posting his personal information on the site, and by slandering his name. You really should watch what you do or say when you're online. :(

Thanks to all, I really never thought it would get this much positive attention. I bought the MOD in the first place to get his PayPal ID, his buisness email/real name to report to Simion/daDaniel/BoonEx and PayPal.

It turns out, he emailed me back after reporting the products where significantly Not as described. He said I was dumb and he was smart because he was using a Proxy server to mask his Ip adress, turns out, he used his own Social Network website (http://wumbashare.com) to see more host the stolen MODS, incriminating himself even further.

In my opinion, he wanted to get caught or get in trouble, hes a perfect example of the emo, a psychologically insecure individual with nothing better to do then draw attention to themselves by saying they hate the world. He wanted attention and now he got it. Way to go Cody Tapp, if thats even your real name.

You did it, you rebelled and got attention.
Hmmm... I independently noticed that the whole pack of mods is still for sale on Expertzzz. I independently figured out that it must be stolen mods being sold by some young guy who hasnt figured out how to be a human being yet.

Surely this is an obvious case where the expertzzz/boonex team need to step in and do everything they can to ban this guy from the site. Its an attack on Dolphin and Expertzzz as much as it is on the creators of the mods ! Wake up guys.
Simion, Dadniel and Daniel GREAT JOB !

Ive gone through all the comments and think that there is some one who does not approve of our actions. Im not sure if im right but i think that INTEREX is supporting CodyT. Isnt he ?
Saks, I'm not supporting theft, nor am I supporting CodyT. I'm trying to tell you guys that just because someone has some code that you typed out and is claiming it as his own and is selling it that he is NOT breaking any laws, and I've also yet to see anything in the AUP about using (OPEN Mods/Scripts) which users take their time to write and that are NOT licensed or registered copyright through anywhere. I would like to see all proof that anything anyone here is claiming was stolen. Who can see more I contact about getting the copyright info on the code. Who can I contact about getting the Licenses of the code. If there isnt proof you're just wasting your time. Its easy for anyone to claim they wrote something if it isnt in some way protected by a license or copyright. But as much as I dislike how some people steal code, and how some people resale code I think posting the kids info on here was wrong and it is illegal. Accusing him of it is bad enough without having "said proof". Also the other problem is everyone here who has made an addon for Boonex has used the original code to make their addons. I can see someone selling just the small bits of their own code but I've seen people selling the full .php script which contains the original scripting with their addon put in it. This alone would be illegal because the code that Boonex/Dolphin wrote in the file is licensed through "CCA 3.0". So would it be fair if Boonex/Dolphin came after EVERYONE who took one of their .php scripts and added some stuff to it and SOLD it? When would the hypocrisy end? Give it a rest, you're wasting time annoying the kid and going on about it here.

Although I value your opinion I have to disagree with you.
1) You said "said Proof" ? You want to proof? Ok, he has it under a different name here but the same paypal. If you look up the paypal account then you get his name and phone number

2) By posting his information here IS NOT breaking anylaws. If that is the case, then you should go after PayPal and GoDaddy.

Paypal published it as well as Godaddy posted it to his domain for file complaints with. That is called see more the freedom of information... We have all the rights to have the information on the person that places a product for sale or hosts a "buisness" on the internet.

By posting his information on here all dadniel did was provide information that is readily available that was provided directly by Cody.

One last comment on this and I am not saying anything else. To say that Cody is right here is a slap in the face to ANY programmer out there.
Not just a slap in the face to the developers.. but to each and every member here... parasites like Cody Tapping (yes that's his real name... aren't you his neighbor nucca (BC)) they create an atmosphere of mistrust and eat away at the loyalty members of the team NEED to have in order to function as a single unit and WIN THE GAME...

In this case - the unit is a team building the business of the community site you are webmastering (with our help) and winning is taking your site thru to growth see more and success.

Realize that very important point and you are half way to winning.

For those that missed it:

The point is - you are building a community site


we, boonex and the developers in the Expertzz community, are contributing to your business - we are looked to in order to fulfill a business need.

Without us - without our work: Your business, your site, your members would not have the resources they share that will make them succeed.

How many of you have I sat up all night with trying to fix a problem and get your site back up? How many of you have sat for 4 or 5 hours asking me questions in chat-- without mention of compensation.

You pay for my help, for my support, for my countless freebies and answered questions, troubleshooting - each time you buy something that supports my work.

I cannot name more than 3 people that have NOT asked me to take care of something else while I am logged into their site. For the most part, those requests are taken care of without additional charge.

Its time for all of you webmasters to realize.. to face the fact that we work for you, your business is built on our backs as well as yours.

Treat us with the respect you would an important member of your team. Because that is what we are.

I know we developers respect you, and show it - with our commitment to the success of the platform you have chosen. Not to mention the hours and hours and sleepless nights working directly for you - on YOUR sites...

We have to stop this.. the nooby who reads how terrible things are, hears the bickering, and walks away: and we lose another friend.

By now there are enough voices, and opinions for the boonex crew to realize they need to take action.

I am confident they will.

Lets let this little boy and his emo ways.. fade into the history of one of the finest community platforms available. Lets look to playing host to many-millions of users by version 7 -- ok?

Let's turn the page and wait for Boonex to write it's next chapter.

Your friend and team member,
Very well put and agreed Dadniel.
I'm confused.. why isn't expertzzz stopping this?? Here is ANOTHER account selling our mods???

I mean it is $150 so NO ONE with any sense is going to pay that much for it but still.. what is going on??
Well Sim - at least Andrey has enough respect to email you - I must have pissed in his pool or something.
As long as we are all working in the right direction to handle the situation. That is all that matters right?

Lets get a handle on the hackers and spammers... lets protect our own interest... then we can all move on from there.

We can continue to make this community a great one as it already is.

As in all communites your going to have a couple bad apples, but the idea is to pluck those bad apples from the sun light to allow the sun to shine on the good fruits of all our labor and see more hard work.

Thank you very much Daniel for all the hard work you personally put into this. You took this under your wing with me and a few others and really helped out.
It is people LIKE YOU that the clients need to be involved with. People like you are what gives this community is outlook toward a strong future.

Now lets get focused on what we all do best. Building great products to deliver to our loyal and happy clients. Lets get rid of all the negative energy and start putting our energy back into the direction it needs to be.

Those products have been removed. Will they come back? I have no dought about that. But lets continue to build and moving. If we stop now.... then they win! NOT US...

Besides... when this is all said and done I am gonna have to fly to Canada just to get you drunk and we can celebrate our job well done..... OK... so I am busted.. I just wanna get you drunk.. muahahahahahah

with most respect and regards
Andrew Boon
Thank you everyone for being pro-active in this case. Expertzzz.com now is a fairly open system and along with opportunities comes misuse. We want the system to succeed and we value your participation a lot.

As you may understand simply shutting down suspicious mods or kicking off people due to certain complaints is not the way to go. This may happen to anyone and very often it's nearly impossible to tell where's truth and where's lie.

In cases like this there's only one answer - the law see more (the system, if you will). Admittedly Expertzzz doesn't have a proper system to control leeching. We need it. We've been thinking of what we can do and released that we need to open up a discussion and actually CREATE these laws together. This is our community, this is YOUR community, so let's do it together.

I will now post an announcement welcoming everyone to suggest Expertzzz.com functionality, which would bring order to the site and would as a result attract more members, happy members.

Once we have the plan, I will tell you exact dates for when you will see it implemented.
This unfortunately is a bane in the digital world. Where bits and bytes can easily be copied and redistributed. Such is the case with MODS and just about any code. I think we can agree the rampant distribution of music via the mp3 format has changed the dynamics of the music business.

In a similar way mods are being copied, slapped with someone else's name and then resold. It was brought out however, how can you prove it was your code or "answer" to the problem to begin with? Most problems see more will have a similar set of solutions or at least a similar framework. In this industry, you really can't own an answer. But you can have it attributed to you.

The software, music and movie industry suffers from the benefit and bane of digitalness. I'm not surprised it happens to mods as well.
I had sent you an email, I had a friend purchase the complete mod set from Cody Tapp here on Expertzzz not less then 10 hours ago. Its seems that he since has pulled the item, but I have copies of everything and the file links he was using. (some still work) others got pulled from rapidshare etc.

My friend is talking to Paypal, his bank, and they will take it from there.

My friend is in Germany, and purchased from Germany, so it changes the game a bit for CodyT, as different laws are now in see more effect.

If anyone wants to verify with me that there mod is on the list, just drop me a note.
Congratulations on the sucess you guys have had in shutting this guy down. I feel your frustration. (PHP/MYSQL Developer 12 years)

It is unfortuate that so much Development time had being spent on this. The day that Expertzz has a sollution in place can't come soon enough.

Maybe if they start a library or registry of Mods that works sort of like a copyight office. Developers can have thier new Mods are uploaded there - time and date stamped. Then if a developer sees their mod being sold they see more can open a ticket and have the mods compaired by a 3rd party.

They can levy all kinds of penalties for these pirates the least of which would be what you guys have done; shutting them down, reporting them to Paypal and the authories.

Even if they chagred a registration fee for registered mods to offset their costs, it would serve as a deterent because Pirates like this Cody guy wouldn't which Mods are regstered.

Some exceptions would have to be made for works based on works that significantly alter or improve the original. (We are an open source community after all)

It would work out for us too. We who don't want to write our own Mods but would like to have our ideas unique to our site. You Developers could then charge extra premium for exclusivity when taking a job - then allow the Purchacer to "register" the Mod.

But, we need something like this in place. So you guys can have piece of mind and focus your attention on what you do best - making our sites rock!!!!
unoboonex i'm sure you can put a fraud prevention team together.
You mentioned the law.I think that there should be some means of communication before a mod is set out and reviewed.
I'm honestly sick of hearing so many people being scammed and mods being stolen.
It's call human dignity.
show your users you care by having a fraud prevention team each new sign up each new license see more that people pay for should go to pay for this.
i want to buy and learn but now i say to myself who can i trust as a newbie.
I posted a solution to this mod theft issue.

Its posted in the Pundit section as well.

I welcome any and all comments, support, etc.. I plan to have this ready for testing and using in a week.

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