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PHP / MySQL Developer for many years. Creating quite a few custom and proprietary CMS Systems. Found Boonex back in '07 and been a fan ever since. I have several personal and client Dolphin based projects in the fires now - and a few more to come.

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I am looking at http://www.boonex.com/unity/txt/extension_convention
and I dont see a filename convention. What do you mean?

What is the _PHP block function? How can I use it to eliminate the need to edit BxBaseIndex.php?

I've looked at the other blocks in PageCompose table they seem to be the same process I am; calling a function on BxBaseIndex.php.

Please help me to understand what you mean.

Also, I am trying to submit two more Mods for your approval (Template_Manager & Profile_Customizer) see more but Unity won't let me - saying that I have already submitted them. But I don't see them in Pending or Drafts.
File name convention is not met.
Rewrite this mod to use _PHP block function - so no files modification will be required!
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