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Hello friends, I am Lyubov. If you dream of having your own website - I'll help you to understand what Dolphin is and how to set it up. Please allow me to guide you on the best choice of licenses for your site, according to your needs. Check with me for any needed customizations/modifications for your site, as well. I'll help to hire the best developer and can probably help to get some discounts! If you are here just to say Hello - I'll be glad as well. I am a native Russian speaker, but also speak English and French - you are Welcome to contact me!

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Please help me with my license?
Always quick and informative when I have a problem, thank you!
I have asked multiple times for a refund. I was told a week ago that a refund would be applied and it has not happened.

My username is bcblair.

The receipt number is: Receipt No: 4297-5778-3450-0499
The prime license number is: KKO4KT8419

Thank you for any help you can give me.

Brett Blair
Lyubov! She is a professional I really appreciate all the time and assistance.
Lyubov L truly responds to inquiries with a great deal of efficiency. She is patient and considerate when answering questions and highly knowledgable about her profession. She comes with the strongest of recommendations.
Great install. They did a wonderful job and everything looks great!!
The service was excellent reliable and efficient. It was done in a very short period of time and installed professionally. I high recommend utilizing their services for anything that you might need to have installed. You will be treated with the utmost professionalism. Once again thank you for your time and assistance. You guys are great!!
Lyubovl is a wonderful agent. She is very thorough and resourceful. She takes her time to make sure that you receive exactly what you need. Also her outsource team does a tremendous, they are reliable, knowledgeable and fast. I highly recommend her and her team for an endeavor you might pursue in developing your project. Once again I really appreciate all the time and assistance. Keep up the good work!!! :-).
LyubovL is an excellent agent, kind and helpful.

Like others here, I note she just keeps delivering.
Excelent Agent...i ask a lot of questions and she keeps on helping me :))
I love her she is so professional and dedicated to forfilling your needs. Im very pleased to have worked with her.
Very pleased to have her as my agent. Provides excellent ´customer service´!
THis is a test review
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