TMDHosting announces Media Server (RMS) for shared servers

LyubovL posted 10th of March 2010 in . 13 comments.

Hello friends!

TMDHosting is happy to announce that they have just successfully installed and tested Media Server (RMS) on their shared servers. From now on, those who use, or are going to use shared hosting plan from TMDHosting are welcome to use Dolphin Flash features with the Media Server, which is offered free of charges.

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Wow i have hostmonster and they dont support Dolphin RMS how i can find a good hosting so i can have the RMS on mysite working get my to work Lyubovl
Hi Lyubovl,

Who´s behind TMDHosting? Is is a Unity member? Or anybody you know? Please give us a little bit of info about this.
Is this another host like the Arvixe fiasco that was advertised a few months back? None of us even know who this company is let alone if they are reputable or not. Information on them would be very much appreciated along with perhaps an appearance by them to introduce themselves.
I'm keeping my mouth shut this time.
i hear ya jct

gotta get in the bed to know whats up.

TMDHosting Inc.
16192 Coastal Highway
Lewes, DE 19958


Administrative Contact:
Inc., TMDHosting
16192 Coastal Highway
Lewes, DE 19958
Technical Contact:
Inc., TMDHosting
16192 Coastal Highway
Lewes, DE 19958

Registrar of Record: The Planet Internet Services, Inc.
Record last updated on 25-Oct-2009.
Record expires on 08-Aug-2018.
Record created on see more 08-Aug-2007.

Domain servers in listed order:

Domain status: clientTransferProhibited
see moreA web host without a forum is a major downfall. Unless I am missing a link to their forum somewhere? Any host that has nothing to hide and wishes to promote their services should have and would have a public forum of some kind. A little more managing and what not, but this is the first thing I look for when checking out a new host. When they get one up, or if I am missing it do let me know so I can check it. Reviews, links, and what not do not mean jack if I can't see what actual customers are saying.
Hello, fellow Unity members :)

My name is Brandon and I am the person that is responsible for Dolphin hosting services in TMDHosting. I have registered in the BoonEx Unity, in order to keep closer track of what is happening with the product development, as well as to keep in touch with the community, which I find truly amazing. It is good to see that in these harsh times there are applications with such a strong community. Not that I did not know that -- I did, however I have been roaming through see more the Unity for months without a registration, just to keep up with the tendencies and watch things out to gather what is the best for its members in hosting aspect. Knowing the Customer needs and habits is something, which most hosting companies often miss in their researches and calculations of ROI.

The company that I am representing, TMDHosting, started its operation in 2007 as a shared hosting provider for open source applications. The founders and the people behind it can be described like industry experts, as they are in the fields of web hosting from even before the web hosting itself can be considered as a separate industry. With years of experience behind, they have joined forces and started TMDHosting. Since then, the company's portfolio grown a lot, including reseller program, virtual private servers (VPS) and dedicated servers, so does the client base and Customer support teams.

(the post continues below due to 2000 characters per comment limit)

(continuation of my previous post)

The company's servers are located in Houston and Dallas, Texas using ThePlanet's data centers, as well as in Chicago, Illinois using SingleHop's data centers. Since 2009, TMDHosting established a strategic partnership with GlobalSign, in order to meet growing Customer's demand for SSL certificates. With the social networking boom in the past year, the demands for networking applications grown a lot, so does the rival between separate applications in this field. see more Logically, the rival between hosting companies to provide services matching the initial demand, also grown a lot.

We have been hosting and providing technical support for Dolphin websites since the very beginning of our company, however, in the past couple of months, we have started an extensive research, which tends to match all the needs of a community administrator. We have done a lot in aspect of server optimization, to meet Dolphin's needs, as well as improved our System Administrators' skills for managing RMS. In addition to this, all our technical support team members passed extensive two-weeks training to understand the software, as well as to improve their skills in it.

(continuation of my previous post))

In the beginning of 2010, we are fully prepared to host all-sized Dolphin websites, without any compromise in quality or features. We are fully aware of the application's insights, as well as its additions -- RMS and extensions. We are currently preparing a set of free Dolphin themes, which we will contribute to the community, as well as a comprehensive tutorial, which will also be distributed for free of charge. Concerning the remark about the forum -- we will see more take a different approach than the other hosting companies and we plan to launch a community website, based on Dolphin, which includes forums as well :)

I am sorry if you got tired from reading this, but I wanted to address all inquiries and concerns above. If there are any unaddressed, please feel free to post in this thread as comment -- I will do my best to answer in a timely manner :)

Hi All - well I just wasted nearly an hour checking out TMDHostings Dolphin package.
As suspected they have a limit on CPU usage. (see other forum posts here about cheap hosting)
Very quickly they tried to talk me up from $3.85 a month to $70 a month for VPS for a small and not very active Dolphin site.

What was most attractive to me was the idea of 24 hour chat support - that would be very cool. Pity about the hidden costs.
I believe I will go with DosDawg once I get hold of him to find out see more what happened to my last email correspondence ;-)

All the best
Dan V
Heres the last section of my chat with TMDHosting -

Sorry but for around $20 I can get good quality hosting for my site. Im rather annoyed that with a site with as little traffic as mine and not many members you suddenly jump from $4 to $70 a month!

Joshua Williams 4:35:29 PM
Let me say that as you have around 300 users in your Dolphin site, they will generate a lot of quiries that will lead to a higher CPU usage.

You can start with our standard hosting package, but as your see more website will increase daily, please have in mindthat at same stage you will need to upgrade to a higher solution. Our administators monitor the servers 24/7 and if your website needs more resources than the shared hosting package offers, they will contact you.

Dan 4:40:29 PM
So what are the limits on the resources with the standard hosting package?
Joshua Williams 4:42:11 PM
The limit that we have for the standard hosting package is that each accountis allowed to use up to 2,000 CPU seconds for any given hour of the day. CPU time is considered the amount of time (measured in seconds) that an application is using while processing CPU instructions.
Dan 4:43:42 PM
Is there an option that does not involve paying for VPS but allows more bw or cpu resources?
Joshua Williams 4:46:06 PM
I would like to say that the VPS plans will provide you with more bandwidth and CPU resources than the standard shared hosting packages.
And if you wish to get started with our VPS services, I will be glad to guide you through the process and assist you further.

Dan 4:53:19 PM
Thanks but no thanks. I knew it was too good to be true. Bye - Dan V
I regret to see that at the Dolphin community still there are the "wonder to discover" guys, that go to sales chats of hosting companies and produce fake chats, in order to put certain company's rating down. This, in fact, is not disappointing, nor something new for me or the company I represent :) We are used to live and work in the niche of shared hosting, where players are sometimes acting tough :)

The chat above represents your technical knowledge, which is even not near the level see more of an average user. With all respect due, 2,000 CPU seconds for any given hour a day is quite a lot, considering that only PHP execution seconds (that takes less than second) is being count :) Name one shared hosting company that gives more and I will personally have our management to triple this limit up :)

But.. go on, this game of "they are the bad hosting company and I am the good one" never ends, so .. keep playing :)


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