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UFO360 from planet ROCK!

Thanks Dude, I spent days trying to fix the problems with my site, until you came along. its good to know that there are good honest people out there willing to help others. If your ever in Atlanta look me up i owe you a round or three of tequila. keep doing what you do best.
Thanks for the comment remember im here to help any one on boonex you can count on me on any time and Thanks 4 the tequila
I had an issue with the Ocra Forums and found a similar problem in the fourms with an answer which fixed it partially but then gave me new errors. I was quite surprised to get some immediate help from UFO360.

She pointed me to a php error that involves spaces in the code, and she offered to fix it for me but I wanted to try for myself. I was still confused as to what spaces could be causing these error messages, so I emailed UFO360 back and she got me all fixed up and pointed me to the actual see more code that was causing the errors. She even sent me screenshots!

I want to add also that the forum posts on line about bad forum support so far, for me, have been wrong. Thanks to UF0360!! I am pleasantly surprised.
@ Saulbretado

esta hablando pura miercoles demi sin conocerme solo le dije que estaba importando su idioma de la manera incoresta y mira con lo que me salio so yo lo attaque de nuevo pero con rasonez no como el dice sin motivos aparte seve que es un bebe todavia yo hablo de hombre a hombre y el esta hablando de mi familia espara que vean la clase de persona que es que no tiene Nivel nisi quiera sabe como cambiar de nivel aski esta las prueba que esta persona no merece ayuda de nadie ni que visiten see more su perfil


Aski pueden mirar como fue que enpeso la cosa yo no dije nada malo el lo tomo tomo todo mal y se vengo de mi asi sin razones



@ Saulbretado

You Make a new post asking why he I can not impor myt new languages

I tell you u doing this in the wrong way and you need to do this the right way and you got mad because I don't tell you how to do this and you make a reply bitching me and talking shit about my family this don't have nothing to be with my family for you to talk shit like that about my family

Thank's for reading everyone
Es una persona agresiva, que sin mas ataca a personas con toda la buena intencion de cooperar, cree que es el unico y que lo sabe todo y sin entender por que me ha atacado varias veces sin la menor provocacion.
No entiendo por que es asi y le recomiendo ampliamente visitar a un psicologo para que le ayude a resolver sus problemas de interrelacion, y que enfoque esa ira que tiene contra su mama, su papa, sus hermanos y su perro hacia ellos no hacia otras personas que nada tienen que ver con el y see more que ni lo conocen.
This person is a very bad person, I can not understand why hi just attack me whit out the minor provocation.
Is my recommendation for you to go with a psychologist that help you to find the root or your problems, that to focus all the anger you feel may be for your mom, dad, brothers or the dog.
Darte las gracias por aquí a mi me habría costado bastante averiguarlo!
Un abrazo!
@ Cantiflas

No problem if this happen to you againg you know wat I tell you to do if not you can come to me any time man

UFO360... thanks for your help!! it was a surprise for me that you could help me with my login errors! Hope it wont happen again (the error) :P
UFO360 is great . Very nice man to deal with, understands your requirements and guides you appropriately. I bought his spanish module for ver 7 and it works great.

Looking forward to work with you again, and again UFO, keep up the good work !


UFO360 is a great designer! Great Communication all the way.
I will highly recommend UFO360 for anyone who needs help!

Your the Best m8, cant wait to work with you again :)

Best regards
UFO360 is a good customer, and we advice to always work with him. A truly lover of the Boonex Community. Sincerely JOOsocial Administrator.
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