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I you have a free mod. Youre the best :)

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Thanks so much!
Or visit
I will be needing a couple videos for my new site which will be coming soon.
Interested feel free to contact me.
Dude you out bidding yourself! this is something you can get for cheaper much cheaper.
Hm, er ganske mange feil og mangler med denne!
Som Søk, og utrolig mye , eks: _bx_photos_public
hey thanks for sharing this
Thank YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love you man!!!!!!!!

I have French if you need it
these guyz are good if you want can try as i have used them for my site and they have done a wonderfull job.
these guyz are good ...
use firework for the promo picture look at mine is kinda sucky for now but is ok
This job is done.

Second; dont open a new boonex account and ask for my ftp pass.
Third: dont give me one star in communication while trying to steal all of my moduls! Thats just rude :D
Shiyam This is my ID. If you want you can mail the specification of the requirement.
Excellent Thanks any chance you can have a look at are site as we have lots of custom parts that need the file updating we can pay you if reasonable rate can be negotiated site thanks scarletn
I could help you with any kind of video / image editing. Let me know if the job is still available.. E-mail or pm me if you want to see any previous work. Thanks, Ruud
Contact Gorpus for all design related work, he's the expert :)
Check you inbox
Hi MSarthe,

Thanks for checking out my profile. I can send you a few samples of my work. Not sure how to do it really as they are not posted on any site right now. The largest file is 52MB email is probably out of the question.

My vids (and there are hundreds of them) are fun to watch and have been replayed over and over again by people who enjoy the homegrown productions I produce.

You would be responsible for coming up with the music track...if you choose copyrighted music, no problem, see more but you have to hold me harmless and defend me for any problems...If you want an original track I will get you one (one that you agree too)...but you will not hold absolute title to it and it will be an additional $600.00 for this one time (one production) use of it ...I have no control over this charge.

Get back with me and we will figure out a way to send a few samples of my work.You will probably decide to have me create a unique production for your site...before I get started though, you need to give me a song to work will be a snap from there...I will deliver a good promo-video for your site.

No charge unless you use it.

Best regards,

Hi, I can probably help. Please send me the link for your site and I will take a look at it and see if any ideas come to mind. Best regards, Brad
i can make one for you for !!!!!
but you have to be specific about the details like how long and what you want to cover
or email me
Ofcourse :)

Do you have any referenses? Can you link to other videoes that you´ve made?
Thank you for sharing this!
I can help you with number 1
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