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My installation keeps failing, you say, in your instructions, to install the module before following the instructions in the txt file. so thats the first thing i did, is upload and install the module files, but i keep getting "Installation of: Facebook rating Failed" any idea what might be causing this? i have installed plenty of other modules so i know how to install them. i just dont see why this is happening? please help?
Thanks for the mod! I purchased yesterday and Im having a couple of issues with it if you could help?

It doesn't automatically blend to fit the column width, but its aligned to the left.

Thanks in advance!
I have purchase, but does not appear to work on 7.1.3. Is there a fix for this? Thanks!
Any possibility for a new version for dolphin v7.1.x?
Great app only thing I found testing it when commented on a photo it didn't post a thumbnail of photo to facebook, just part of the dolphin logo?
I have this Mod on two of my Dolphin Installs and neither one works. Any ideas? I have it off my pages and such.
the module does not work with 7.1
error message

Installation of: Global Ads Failed
-- Check the Dolphin version for compatibility: The module is not compatible with your version of Dolphin script
Do this work?
Steve The Exploiter
Works with 7.0.9 flawlessly!
is not compatible with the version v7.1.1 boonex dolphin !!!!
I've tried uninstalling your lite mod, with failure -

Uninstallation of: Site Localization Failed
-- Changing database:
-- -- There are errors in the following MySQL queries:
-- -- Error:

ALTER TABLE `sys_categories` DROP `SiteLocalization`;

-- -- Error:

ALTER TABLE `Profiles` DROP `SiteLocalization`;

-- -- Error:

ALTER TABLE `bx_ads_main` DROP `SiteLocalization`;

-- -- Error:

ALTER TABLE `bx_events_main` DROP `SiteLocalization`;

The question is, do I need to make manual see more changes to the code I did while installing this or something else is making the uninstallation impossible?
Unfortunately I cant recommend this guy, I bought this mod but discovered it wouldn't work on 7.1.. or i assume so! communication with Adminmysite is almost impossible I sent the same message twice before getting a reply and am still waiting for a reply to my second message when the fix he gave didn't work 20 days and counting now!!
great mod and works really nice. A must if you have lots of FB members on your site :-)
Great work, thanks :-)
I just got this mod (Global ad's 2)and all I can say is WOW!!!!! this Mod is one of the best I have seen on Boonex hands down , and the service as far as helping with a few thing's that I didn't check was great. thanks "adminmysite" for the help and for the Mod ...super nice guy :-)
OK I must say I'm very impressed with this mod and the functions you get with it ...Turned my site into a whole new look and feel :-)
I just purchase you dolphin syncronisation module. I have installation problem. I use the lates version of dolphin. If you can help me buy sending me the right instruction according for the version of dolphin.

I have unzip the folder and installed in in 3 directory but nothing apear in no installed module in the admin.

1. I did not find any folder name "files" in the root directory so I created one and upload the file on it
2. upload the folder in modules directory module/boonex/Language see more syn

could you please asist me
This module does what was expected. However, I am yet to find a good advertising module for my dolphin site. Global AD can look awkward sometimes because the advertising spots are preset, although it looks nice on description. There isn't much flexibility to place them anywhere other than top, bottom, left, or right. This is one of my few purchases that I consider a waste--no offense to the mod owner!!
Most dolphin sites are new sites with limited unique visitors, so advertisers want maximum exposure of their ads. Global Ads was built to satisfy those demands, and to show ads on all pages and have banners appear consistently throughout
Is it work with D 7.0.9 ?
I looked in the Install folder and there are no instructions on how to install it. How do I install this mod?
Mod works great with the UNI template but the advertisements don't show up at all if I switch to a custom template. The advertisement for the software said it would work with any template. Anyone figure out how to make it compatible with other templates? Thanks.
Its compatible, just perform installation on custom templates just like the base folder, check install file please.
I prefer the Stars rating. rather than just "like".
I bought the mod "Advanced AJAX join page" and it's been 10 days since I sent messages to ask for support but haven't got any response so far. Be thoughtful when you decide to buy this mod.
I just bought this mod and it works perfectly for the default language (English) but not the other one (Traditional Chinese) on my D7.0.9 website, is there any suggestion? thanks a lot.
Excellent mod. Thank you very much. The instructions were excellent.
Only for text. "Synhronized" links always looks like: .
0 helpful.
Really like this. I think today its good to have this available on each page of your site. Im not sure what you would call it but maybe its the API could better and show more of a facebook post that draws friends attention rather than saying "John Doe like a link". But.. for Free you can't beat that. It spreads your link around others facebook pages and like really does in one way or another help your website so its absolutely positive. My biggest hang up right now though is after click see more the like button which is contained in its own separate box on someones profile the box does not expand to accommodate the content expansion. After clicking like it pops up for you to add a comment with your "like" but because the <div > its contained in does not grow with the content you are unable to post a comment with the like. You just have to click outside the box somewhere and it goes through with "you like this" but you can not see the entire comment box with the post buttons or anything. Maybe this is my template though I do not know. I know it is a free product and its great to be free but I was really hoping for a forum on this where at least users of it could discuss operation of it or share tips. Maybe someone could tell me they do not have my same problem and then I could contact my template creator.
New update, hire these guys at your own risk. Not only are they not professional but they are vindictive. Just got back from trip off the radar, and now my site is offline due to a database query error. These kind of vendors make Boonex unprofessional to say the least and dangerous to any serious business users. Luckily my site is small and for my students so I can deal with the idiocy, you should think twice before you do.
Filing a dispute wasn't enough? You had to go place another update here? I already refunded you and offered to fix error for free, error that I didnt cause, yet you keep writing negative reviews like some lowlife loser? What's your problem
Well, I just have to say: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Adminmysite. My experience with you can vouch for your excellent customer service and mods. I definitely plan on buying more from you. Not only that, but you were very friendly and responsive to any issues/questions I had.

Fantastic mod, quality service ,speedy install, best trouble free mod , run the first time no problems
Last year I bought a template from adminmysite and they did some additional work for me as well. Just in December I couldn't get them to schedule an update service to 7.0.9 because they wouldn't reply to my emails.

I waited because I wanted to see if it was just a timing issue and a couple of weeks ago I hired them to do the update. I've been waiting for over a week to get them to fix the Orca Forum preview that the update caused and not a peep. I don't know what's up with them, maybe they don't see more have a priority for Dolphin anymore, but the customer service now is non-existent. They are at the level of a freelancer service now. So think twice before you trust that 171 day old "excellent customer service" ad. Maybe once, but not anymore.

Oh and just checked on my way to Antarctica, and my U.S. based spam has almost quadrupled. Thanks for the service!
Thanks Guy!!!!
I followed step 2 to the letter and when i pull up a photo I get the string: <script src=""></script><fb:like show_faces="false" width="350"></fb:like> instead of the button. I cut it from notepad directly, what am I missing? Thank you.
I installed the module and followed all instructions provided. It does not work as expected. I installed on a Dolphin version 7.0.8 site with the default template and several upgrade modules in place. Not only can I *NOT* see the ads but I can't see where to create/edit "Global Ads".

In contrast, the default Boonex Ad modules installs and works as expected. I actually installed it later just to see what it looks like and how it functions. Appears to have more features than the Global see more Ads modules. Plus I was curious to see if for some reason the default Ad mod need to be installed before the Global Ad mod would work... not the case.
I have problems with this module. I sent you many mails but no reply from you since so many days have been passed.
Why man ? I have bought the professional version paying money, plz. resolve my problems.
Module works great! Thanks for the great job!
Works great, just purchased it!
An excellent module. Unique. And the professional support which I received from adminMS can't be described in words. I recommend this module to all of you. Don't hesistate to buy.
This plugin appears to be great. Bought plugin, but is not working correctly. I need help. Site is
my email is
I just received your ftp info, I'll fix all issues asap.
Love your module but im stuck at changing the font color of: Be the first of your friends to like this.
Can you please tell me howto change that?
Good mod and good add to the admin panel. Work as expected and easy install. Thanks for this good mod! RECOMMENDED
They never reply a support request.

My contact was in 28th Sept and today is 16th Oct... not a single word.

Recommendation: Just download from professional developers that cares about you....
Thank you very much! This module is really very necessary and useful. It works great. Very useful module for those who start. Simple and free. Thank Adminmysite!!!
Good luck in your projects!
Great Mod... Just what I needed, works perfectly... A++
where is the download button than
The module is great for direct advertizing. but support is not there.
nobody replying my emails since last 3 days .
can anyone please tell me the steps about how to put google adsence code using global ads.
--m i required to put the code by selecting ---option PHOTO OR HTML

I have tried everything but not able to get the adsence code work for me.
if anyone can see more will be greatly appreciated .and i will also join the helper website.
can even pay .no problems best regards to all of you here.:)
Hi, sorry I was on vacation for 1 week in Hawaii, just got back today. Yes if you select html mode, then insert your html code in description just like it says.
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