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I would like to express my most sincere congratulations to Evandromar for his professionalism, education, availability, skill, for all he has done for me. If all developers were like him, the world would be much more interesting to BoonEx. Thanks Evandromar.
I absolutely love this! I changed around a lot to fit my site. He helped me tweak around a little. Thank you very much! A++ Highly recommended! :)
Here's a bit of a different GREAT REVIEW- PLUS- This Mod works fine on 7.09 from what I see so far...
Besides what you already see here from others- this little addition looks good!
OK, the different part- I used this mod coupled with Deano's Block Tools to accomplish something I've been wanting to do for a long time- MAKE ROOM ON THE SUB-NAVIGATION MENU on the MEMBER's PROFILE PAGE...
This mod creates a block on the MEMBER's ACCOUNT PAGE with Avatar and links to Groups, Polls, Events, Photos, see more Videos, Sounds, Sites, Ads......and so on. What I did, was use Deano's Block Tools (a very useful mod for $15) and copied the block from the Member's Account Page to the Member's Profile Page, allowing me to remove all the extra links in the Members Navigation Menu up top there. Now, I have room for all the menus links for the additional mods I add to the site, and they no longer extend off the page to the right!
So if you have been looking for a solution for this, this mod can definitely help with that :)
Great mod....Thanks!
ok great idea. i went to the demo site but couldnt find the sub menu in question; everyone else did though, so i guess it is just me and it is a great idea.
Great work!! Very attractive and well organised menu!!
Plus great support from Evandromar too!
Thanks for this wonderful mod!!
*2 thumbs up* :)
This is a much needed addition to Dolphin!! Currently there is no way of efficiently displaying all of your favorites in one place on Dolphin. This module makes it extremely easy to view & remove favorites. It works flawlessly & it's aesthetically pleasing. I couldn't be happier! Thank you.
Highly Recommend! I'm VERY Pleased with the overall transaction, don't hesitate to deal with Evandromar!!! this is the real deal. I love everything about the mod Even better than Facebook search bar. This mod should come with Dolphin right out of the box...........:)
Amazing product, but is there anyway people can search for full name too?
I have a problem..can you check your e-mail please?
This is so awesome! A must have!!! Great customer service, too. Thank you so much!
very nice mod


That would be good in the future if it search in the profile's first and last name though
Good idea, nice module. But technically not well done. Might be creator is new but did not understand the Boonex framework yet. Database queries and module code in template... space for cleaning up and improvements :)
4 stars for the idea, 2 stars for the code
I had to make a quick menu for my website and share with you. Thanks :)
Hi, If we search for John Smith it didn't find nothing, the profile user exist, FirstName=John, LastName=Smith, NickName=John_Smith, how it's possible to resolve this????
Get mod but i cant get working on 7.0.7 just getting database error any ideas?
Make sure you have a current menu that you do not have the module activated.
Just installed this on 7.0.7 but dont see anything like in the pictures I even deleted all of the cach. please can you tell me where it is, it's in adming I enabled everything in its settings but just dont see the bar
Excellent!!! Great work!
Easily installed and members love it!
Good add to my website and friendly support from Evandromar. I will buy again from him. Thanks!!!
Really good and user friendly mod. Also Evandromar help me to adapt my template to display the mod properly. I recommended this mod and this guy! A must to have!!!
This mod is great. I was wondering how can I also added to the homepage?
Great looking menu, works just fine.
Thank you.
one of the best mods ever! thank you very much!
i have one question, can you tell me how i can add a new link to your mod? i want add the links to "my membership", cart, and abo, etc. too! i mean under "Dashboard" but above "unregister". can you write a instruction or something like that? thanks for sharing the fantastic mod!! best regards!
Hello, you must edit this file:
modules \ widesys \ wsmenu \ classes \ WSMenuTemplate.php

If you can not tell me what links you need and I can check for you.
Awesome! Works great with 7.0.6 very easy to install. Thanks Evandromar for making the MOD FREE!
Nice work: Beautiful Easy navigation keep the good work all the time

Thank you 4 sharing
Oh My God! Noosphere just started? heheh
I guess you read my mind. It is exactly what I was thinking about. And congratulations / Thanks for sharing this for free. Testing now :))
I may need some help with this module i sent you a private message.
Great Concept

We Would like to place on record our profound gratitude & sincere thanks for the excellent service rendered to us during the pre-sales and after sales support with the highest sense of Profesionalism. The Conceptual skills, step by step systematic approach, attention to details & precise documentation, meticulous planning & implementation, all handed out with kindness are the Hallmark of their achievement & Key objectives towards total customer satisfaction.

100% see more for service and support , very helpful, super fast.

Evandromar, thank you as well. This mod will make searching so much easier for my users and is such a valuable addition to my site. I too am using a custom template and Evandromar adapted his module to my template very promptly. He is professional and I recommend this mod to any dolphin site owner. Many thanks!!
Thank you for this mod!! It works great and its much better and friendly for the users.
I had a small issue on the installation because I use a customed template but Evandromar handled it very quickly. I recommend getting this mod and his services.

Thanks man :)
I can not say more just to LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!...Thanks Evandromar for doing it!!!
Thanks mydatingcommunity
product is amazing, reasonable price and really great support.

really love working with him!

hope to see more mods from him.
This product is great and a must have for any site that wants to be user friendly. The support provided is even better. I would buy again from this seller. He is very helpful!
Hi ! Mod is wonderful. I like it.

I want to change the default location of the FriendsSearch mod .... Please let me know how to set the X Y location ?
yes i want to know how to change X Y position.
Perfect! (2 min. to install and 1 min. to customize) looks perfect! thanks, good work!
Thanks, Happy new year :)
I have no words...simply PERFECT!
Installation time: 60 seconds.
This is one of the best mods I ever seen!
A must have mod, Evandromar is a very nice person, extremely helpful!
He is extremely recommended!!
Sometimes I buy a mod thinking it will have a huge impact on my site and it doesn't. But this is the opposite. This is a mod I didn't think I needed and yet I'm getting more feedback about it than any other mod I've ever installed. This mod is quickly becoming one of the most important features on my site. It works great. And he helped me increase the result from 5 to 200 and it works great. Great work. These are comments from members I got the first day:

"really like the search icon, very see more handy"

" Awesome Gadget added to the site !!!"

"Quickly and accurately search friend or people. Way to go.

"yeah, it's great saves time"
I love this module.. before it was difficult to contact others in our site, but this makes it perfect! I too had problems with downloading the file due to Boonex, but he got right back with me, and I was able to download it and have it set up in less than 30 minutes! Thanks!
Work like a charm! Fast and easy install, great support. Perfect! Thank you for this great mod.
Thank you! Thank you! This bring everything I need to my site now! My problem before was my users wanted to create playlist of there music and videos, and I didn't ever think this day would come, THIS ACTUALLY PUTS THE FAVE SYSTEM IS GOOD USE!

Just like the other guys said, had a issue with Boonex getting the file but I must say, Evandromar has to be the MOST courteous Programmer on the site. Very fast response and knowledgeable. Get this for your Site today!
Wow… A very nice product and a very nice support! I had problem downloading the file due to BoonEx, but he was very responsive and helpful..

What an original idea!.

Thanks for your ideas because ideas like this brings live to this community.

please continue to provide more!

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