Here's a bit of a different GREAT REVIEW- PLUS- This Mod works fine on 7.09 from what I see so far...
Besides what you already see here from others- this little addition looks good!
OK, the different part- I used this mod coupled with Deano's Block Tools to accomplish something I've been wanting to do for a long time- MAKE ROOM ON THE SUB-NAVIGATION MENU on the MEMBER's PROFILE PAGE...
This mod creates a block on the MEMBER's ACCOUNT PAGE with Avatar and links to Groups, Polls, Events, Photos, see more Videos, Sounds, Sites, Ads......and so on. What I did, was use Deano's Block Tools (a very useful mod for $15) and copied the block from the Member's Account Page to the Member's Profile Page, allowing me to remove all the extra links in the Members Navigation Menu up top there. Now, I have room for all the menus links for the additional mods I add to the site, and they no longer extend off the page to the right!
So if you have been looking for a solution for this, this mod can definitely help with that :)
Great mod....Thanks!
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