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Boonex, if breaking the rules of the forum on this blog, please delete this, Thanks.

Hello all, I see many such networks included in the opensocial.
for you to read this blog, please leave your knowledge here, what you know about it opensocial, thank you.

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Any can involve its work in opensocial. Opensocial even give us own API for this.
Sample of gadgets collected by google is here:
A can confirm that 6.2 will allow insert any of these gadgets.
The cool, these gadgets had not yet seen anything, I got to do something even back OpenSocial to the area of social networks.
AndreyP very good.
I just tested the gadgets and they work on dolphin 1.4

I see no problem with them working at all. :)
They worked if you insert it as link to google server. In future version I realize as own engine to start gadgets. So gadgets will connect only with source, without any google.
now that will be excellent! Cheers for the info
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