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Evandromar posted 1st of August 2008 in Community Voice. 10 comments.

And woe staff, you agree that boonex could post for us, something about what we can expect for the next update of the dolphin?

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The thing is that we will never stop doing upgrades and updates for Dolphin. And the worst thing is that plenty of us try to customize it in their own way, so that it don't have to look as clone websites. And when it comes to update/upgrade, only WE know, the webmasters how difficult can be. I am so tired of this, that i said to myself, i will stick with 1 version for the rest of my life and that's all. Because every version has few bugs in it, so it does'nt matter anymore.
I agree with shaneed. I'm still with version 6.1.2. Not going to upgrade anymore unless they're not affecting those mods I've added.
Sure ... for those who can plan their "own mods" Everything is fine, but I'm still starting, then knowing what is ahead, could avoid buying a mod often with little details .... and that may soon be a native dolphin in future versions.
I bought such a mod for the registration which was a nickname in check, emails, and other data into Ajax ... I came not to use it, because 2 or 3 days after boonex launched dolphinn 6.1 which was the same as that bought the mod!
Upgrade a moded site every month is impossible... Moded means of course having added extra functionalities, but having corrected some issues that will come back in the next release too.

I'm asking and asking again BoonEx to publish bugs fixes one by one, as soon as they are known, with a short explanation of the problem and the solution.
Like that the Dolphin script user can choose to edit his/her script or not as some of us don't use all the Dolphin features or Orca.
The more you learn to customize with the features of DOLPHIN the more friendly your UPGRADE adventures will be. I understand the use of MODs but I can tell you some are rediculous because the feature already exist people just continually want to jump to the scripts.

BOONEX does a LOT of work keeping the ADMIN DASHBOARD very flexiable in your capabilities of customization. They're just such new ways people just don't fully understand the power of the tools that are present in DOLPHIN6.1.4 :)

My see more 2 cents :)
Everything is usually hush hush. That's expected though. If every company said hey were gonna put this out in x-months with x-features it wouldn't be a secret nor would it be part of the fun. Ok maybe it's not fun that much fun. But I do understand the secrecy a bit.

Regarding a heavily modded site. All I can say is keep some really good notes. Add comments to the files so you can find them much easier in the future. If you keep good notes and comments it does help for transferring them to an see more upgrade. At least you can narrow down the files and code to edit. Some mods will not be transferable or work in future releases, that's the way it is. It's a bummer but what do you do. Everytime microsoft puts out a new operating system it's the same thing. These devices or software may not work. Some you can patch, some you can re-install and some just plain old wont work.

Again what do you do. If you want to upgrade to the new technology you either eat your lossed time and money and move on, spend hours trying to get them to work, or start over. It's kind of a no win situation. If you want the new technology you really can't do much. Just don't jump into an upgrade/release. All your members are used to the way things are now. You can test a new release in a subfolder/directory. Atempt to copy mods, and make things work. If successfull then you can just move new files and update the database. Kind of a test run without affecting a live site. Time consuming too, but it wont mess your site up or bring it down.
I have 6.1.2 site upgraded to 6.1.4 now. I dont see any problem for less than a week and the big problem is....

I problem starting.....

Members and admin cant post forum....
It is becoming apparent that the user base is actually boonex's beta 'team' with as many bugs as there are in every update.

If there actually are beta testers they surely need to do MUCH, MUCH more testing before releases.

Days ago, I gave some tips there, I hope that the boonex accepted for the next versions.
The script Dolphin is fantastic, particularly for me it would be impossible to create a software like this, dolphin became "My Day-Day" However I can only give advice about what I needed to taste or dolphin.
Today write below, one of the "big problems" with the social networks like Orkut.
At least here in brazil is the best known, say they have 23 million users!
The biggest difficulty see more I see is that these orkut users, signing up in my dolphin and they often do not return, this is due to be adapted to the model and features orkut and are "lost with dolphin," so I tried adapt my dolphin not equal, but look like orkut somewhere. Me because I had to adapt the language of programção understand is that only the "Portuguese").

Many earn their money creating and selling mod's for dolphin, until ai OK, I do not see any problem, but has some things in dolphin script that would be obvious, but are not available, EX: the post above, a comment on the profile can not be excluded! and what to do? delete the database: (?

Or, a comment on the profile very large with many characters, is one block huge, giant,
The comment nor profile should be an option "to read" and yes i expand any comment, what happens when the same has several comments on the profile EX: 1, X read comments ...

These are things that request on script dolphin.
To keep users on my site made some adjustments EX: in member.php I enter statistics, as total users, scraps, photos, music and other, as I did in the block actions of a profile, it displays to the user Visitor Not only the açoes, but the statistics.
I find it very confusing blocks in the positions dolphin, for example in member.php you vizualiza friends and events, to see polls comments, you have to go to profile.php, this should be standardized.
I think a strong investment in the scrap, guestbook, I believe that is what most users use, I see there and I am thinking, as has connected users on sites, sending messages, as a Messenger, incredible.
Exsistem other details, more to the few ideas appear.

Boonex does a great job, I complaints but suggestions.
dolphin is great beginning. but it has alot bugs, so you need to be a developer or hire developers.
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