Hello, fellow Unity members :)

My name is Brandon and I am the person that is responsible for Dolphin hosting services in TMDHosting. I have registered in the BoonEx Unity, in order to keep closer track of what is happening with the product development, as well as to keep in touch with the community, which I find truly amazing. It is good to see that in these harsh times there are applications with such a strong community. Not that I did not know that -- I did, however I have been roaming through see more the Unity for months without a registration, just to keep up with the tendencies and watch things out to gather what is the best for its members in hosting aspect. Knowing the Customer needs and habits is something, which most hosting companies often miss in their researches and calculations of ROI.

The company that I am representing, TMDHosting, started its operation in 2007 as a shared hosting provider for open source applications. The founders and the people behind it can be described like industry experts, as they are in the fields of web hosting from even before the web hosting itself can be considered as a separate industry. With years of experience behind, they have joined forces and started TMDHosting. Since then, the company's portfolio grown a lot, including reseller program, virtual private servers (VPS) and dedicated servers, so does the client base and Customer support teams.

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