I regret to see that at the Dolphin community still there are the "wonder to discover" guys, that go to sales chats of hosting companies and produce fake chats, in order to put certain company's rating down. This, in fact, is not disappointing, nor something new for me or the company I represent :) We are used to live and work in the niche of shared hosting, where players are sometimes acting tough :)

The chat above represents your technical knowledge, which is even not near the level see more of an average user. With all respect due, 2,000 CPU seconds for any given hour a day is quite a lot, considering that only PHP execution seconds (that takes less than second) is being count :) Name one shared hosting company that gives more and I will personally have our management to triple this limit up :)

But.. go on, this game of "they are the bad hosting company and I am the good one" never ends, so .. keep playing :)


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