Unity usernames. IMPORTANT

LyubovL posted 24th of February 2010 in . 11 comments.

Dear current, and especially future customers! I think this is very important as I used to get mails with requests to change Unity usernames every week.

It is IMPOSSIBLE to change a Unity username!

So, to new users - DON'T register a Unity username similar to your domain name. We won't be able to change it, as this will affect some DB data.

Your Unity profile will be tracked by search engines more quickly than your site pages, hence, you will get your Unity profile pages and other content on the BoonEx website on the first pages of a search engine. So, if you don't want to have your BoonEx profile turn up in the search results by site name - do not use your site name as your unity username.

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My Unlimited license is not working in my D7 admin. why?
Nathan Paton
@tomakali: You do realize that this is not the place to ask such a question, don't you?

Honestly, why do so many people try to ask for support via the blog posts, especially in the comments section?
well this is kinda challenge question...
try to answer...
I accept the challenge and raise you a "Wha happened to my database?"
So I take it that we will not be required to switch to our real names...
hi guys n gals , would anyone know if the iphone app is working and where
my users can get it for there iphone

I guess some folks thought they would promote their site, but turns out google indexed it with a link back to boonex, so maybe some folks do not want their members to know they were using boonex dolphin. Otherwise I do not know why they would complain if they were getting results and traffic.

You leave a foot print any time you post something. Often times it can be back tracked or back traced. If you do not want to be tracked back to boonex than don't post it.

If you want to promote your site see more without being traced back to boonex there is a ton of freebee's out there you can do some serious traffic and rankings if you know what you are doing. If you don't then you might get tracked back to boonex or unity. Think about it before you post here. For some it don't matter for others it does.
i need help finding out if iphone app is ready for user's to download it

Nathan Paton
@DougMN: I would tell you, but this is neither the place to ask, nor provide answers to any questions.
Well they never List my site at BoonEx Unity Websites.

You guys making Updates and Updates and is all the same with the same bugs and i lost many and many mebers from my databased do you guys fix that NO.
@all the people complaining

Why post messages saying my members have gone due to db errors and my licence doesn't work??? This is a blog for Unity updates and BoonEx updates!!
There is a big forum out there where people can help you.

@UFO360 do you have a backup of your database and all it's members?
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