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LyubovL posted 6th of April 2010 in . 6 comments.

Hello Dear customers and partners!

Back to the affiliate program changes we announced not so long ago.... here is one more change.
The minimum payout balance is now reduced from 300 USD to 100 USD. All the necessary settings have already been done, and on the 11th of the upcoming month all the affiliates who have already generated a $100 balance will be paid.

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Great changes!!! Thanks!
If the percentage had to be lowered to 5%, then this was indeed the appropriate measure to take. Thanks!
Courage !
Les français sont avec vous !
Now just change it back to 20% and everything will be perfect!
What about an affiliate program for the Boonex script. I know I have seen a lot of people wanting it and needing it. I myself have signed up for a 2 year hosting deal just for this script and have no use for it with out an affiliate script to go with it. I guess I will have to delet the site and try some other product in its place. Or try to get an older version since I have seen that the older versions have the affiliate program in it.
Great news BoonEx! This will affect me, just to make sure, your sending the payments on or after April 11?
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