Prime customers and those who ordered installation service

LyubovL posted 16th of February 2010 in . 8 comments.

Information for those who paid on the BoonEx payment page for installation service...

As soon as payment is completed, the installation license is issued and added to your My Licenses section along with the link at the right of this page - Redeem Free Installation

Very Important note!

These installations are handled by BoonEx agents, and you have to choose an agent before you fill in and send the installation ticket. If you haven't chosen an agent yet, your request cannot be accepted. If you have an agent, your installation form will be sent to your agent who will then take care of your installation request.

Prime owners get their Redeem Free Installation link in the Prime section, and they must also have an agent, otherwise, installation service cannot be provided.

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Wouldn't it be better so you do not need to make such an announcement to fix the order page to prevent them from ordering the install service if they have not selected a agent.
Dear dolphinhelper, and others who want to post something similar to the dolphinhelper comment...
You are welcome to post about your services on the Unity Market.. This venue is a Blog section, and your message can be considered as spam and you can be punished for breaking the Unity rules.

@ yourmatrix ,
you are welcome to leave a comment on your agent's page.
yea, thats what i thought.. im just going to dump boonex, and find something real. you guys lost my vote
appreciated the moderation......

I just purchased a prime package. one of the website I wanted to use the license is already up with Dolphin 7. I just wanted to remove any reference to BoonEx footer, powered by and any links viewed by visitors. Can anyone help? Thanks!
Hello, I need to install the system in my domain, I'll buy a perpetual license, once verify that everything works properly. You want to know what the price of installation. Thanks
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