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I have been using the product for about three days. I have license for Phpfox and tested several other products. I must say this is the most stable and user friendly software I have tried. My location is Shenzhen China so usually products that uses google servers doesn't work here. However I notice that Google maps work with this product. I currently work for Futian Education Bureau in Shenzhen where I plan to introduce this product for online course and building public schools social community. see more If the project successful, I will introduce to all schools throughout China. I haven't had any problems with the product so I can't comment on customer service. However, I had a good first experience with Nathan P. Great Product!
baldilocksleft feedback on Monthly24th of July 2016
excellent idea really happy with this thank you boonex
Congrats...It´s working well and the support guys are very very good
make1cleft feedback on Premium +4th of November 2015
I am VERY PLEASED with my Premium+ account so far. The Administration of the entire site is completely code-less operations.

The Support is also very good with answers to ALL my questions in a timely manner.

I have nothing but good things to say about Boonex and like how it is setup out of the box.
Casal Pimenta
Starting with Business + from BoonEx .
Satisfied with the result and very happy with the agile and professional support . Thank you!
Hola. Sus tecnicos son excelentes y brindan un gran apoyo. Mi agradecimiento a Igor L. y mis disculpas por las molestias ocasionadas.
Hello. Their technicians are excellent and very supportive. My thanks to Igor L. and my apologies for the inconvenience.
Soulmanleft feedback on Persons6th of October 2014
does this work for dolphin 7.0.8? We are trying to get it to work and it isnt so far - if not can you please refund -
hey superb i have the a similar mod from Andrew P
Is this feature available for d7, too?
nice mod.. admin need to do a little bit of adjustment on the text,to bold the text,change font,add thier own words..etc. i'm waiting for v.2
Could you help me to install the modules are downloaded from here in dolphin 7, I tried, but showed me that the module can not upload. Why is so recent you expect an answer.
Excuse me for bad English
Hey bdwebb! Look at the top of this thread. There is a down load link.

Sounds like a fabulous mod! Am going to install this tonight! Thank you Boonex!!!
where do i download it from?

Click on Download button right after the mod description.

Let us know if there is anything else we can help you with.
Great mod! thanks.
Would be great if we can have today's members/friends birthday, so that other friends can wish them.
Hi Tango!

Actually this mod was set up to a cron to check and send once per twenty-four hours. Check the cron syntax for the periodic/cmd.php file (check according to the instructions provided in Read Me file).

Regards, BoonEx Experts.
Thanks. Good mod!

One question: is it possible to notify the celebrant ONCE a day only. So far, it automatically sent several notice as it per the cron setup. Please advise.
Thanks for a great mod.
easy to install and a great addition to anyone's dolphin community website...
Cool Mod, pity it only works on profile pics. Be wicked if it could work on all Photos and Video thumbnails
Wow! Good option for us --
It still states that it is

version : 3.0

in readme file, but filename states that it is 3.1
Great mod! can it modified to move the text up and down in addition to side-to-side?
Okay, I give. where the heck is it now that I've installed it?
This mod uses the cron functions. So, periodically (once in 24 hours) the script checks if there are somebody who have birthday and if yes - the 'mail ' function sends congratulation email to this user. Thats all
thanks for the mod..superb
Please correct version number in description it states that it is 3.0 .. but filename is
After this - the mod can be approved.
Thanks for the note, it has been corrected.

Regards, BoonEx Experts.
you said that it is version 1.1 here but filename is and in readme it is v.1.0.
Also this mod can be implemented without any modifications in the code - using PHP blocks
file naming standard is not met
installation is complicated but the mod is great !
Thanks for the notes, file name has been corrected and the package re-uploaded.

Regards, BoonEx Experts.
file for download is corrupted - please reupload
Thanks for the note, file has been re-uploaded.

Regards, BoonEx Experts.
Really great mod - what would be even better though, is if it could send birthday letters in the member's chosen language...

Anyone maybe knows how to do this?
Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanx a lot for this nice job.

thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!
Nice mod, thanks!
Great mod but without wanting to sound a bit daft where can I edit the actual text of the message?

Scrap that! found it had added it into the email templates section in admin. Still figuring out how to edit the text version of those.... any ideas anyone? just seems to allow editing of the html versions.
2. Edit "periodic/cmd.php" file.

Find code (~26 line)

require_once( BX_DIRECTORY_PATH_INC . '' );

You need to put this code after it

// ---------------- Auto Congratulations Mod for 6.1 from BoonEx v1 ---------------- [begin]
// ---------------- Auto Congratulations Mod for 6.1 from BoonEx v1 ---------------- [end]

Save it.

---- WHERE IS LINE 26?
Hi merkado!

You can find this line in "_dolphin_root_/periodic/cmd.php" file. We've just checked it and it's there :)

Regards, BoonEx Experts.
I like it!
great stuff. thanks
great mod i know my members will like it
great mod...thanks
Thanks, great mod.
Thanks, great mod.
Andrew Boon
This is basically a bug-fix. Please, submit a bug report and consider suggesting your solution. Bug-fix may not be accepted as an extension.
Rayzleft feedback on BoonEx Advanced21st of May 2008
None of the extension requirements is met. Should be rejected.
It's the modification, not extension. It doesn't fit any of Extension requirements.
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