FAQ: I have a Unity username similar to my domain, and I don't want my Unity pages to be visible in Google search.

BoonEx posted 27th of February 2011 in Dolphin.pro News. 5 comments.

Unfortunately, we cannot change or edit your Unity username. This may affect some important data. You can remove BoonEx site pages from the Google search results or contact us at agents@boonex.com to get it solved.

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Using my domain as a user name here on boonex.com is probably the the most colossally stupid thing I have ever done on this site.

You guys keep saying that you can't change a user name. I think it's time you figured out a way.
Agreed. There are lots of reasons for wanting to change a user name. I'm not a coder, but I can't imagine there wouldn't be a querry to find every instance of a given name in a database and change it to something else, thereby protecting all that "important data."
Andrew Boon
It's borderline impossible to change the way it works now. Forums are based on usernames, not IDs. Licenses too. We will be offering this option after BoonEx.com is moved to a new software platform.
when are people going to move it then,bcos for me i dont like it
Nathan Patton was magnussoft correct?

It appears his username has changed...
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