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Boonex Dolphin theme and module developer and is available for custom jobs as well. :)

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see moreIf anyone has the module installed but can't get it to work since upgrading, I have completed the Installation Notes to make Profile Cover module by emmetbytes compatible with Dolphin 7.3. Working example:

Message me with your website URL and e-mail address if you would like the text file - free of charge - but with no guarantees or further upgrades.

A little PayPal donation would be appreciated but not required.
Do not purchase this module! It is not a simple install. You first upload and install the module then you have mass code editing you have to do, and one of the files mentioned in the instructions does not exist. I have tried and tired to get it to work with no success. I have tried to contact emmetbytes for help and they refuse to respond. Now my site is screwed up and photos can not be uploaded. I would pay it this point to get to it corrected, even through I should not have to, but can not get see more them to respond. If there is going to be massive code editing to do, this should be posted on the ad for the module so people know what they are getting into. I have spent hundreds of $ on my site, now it is badly flawed due to not being able to upload photos. Very disappointed! What ever happened to integrity in business?
This is an awesome Mod,One of the very best works real nice on my members profile pages I had it made transparent for members and Emmebytes did such amazing Job!Definitely worth the little cost for the outstanding Mod.
Answered my message so quickly i said what i needed doing bang the Job was Done.
Thanks Emmebytes
the best cover for dolphin work great and give a fresh touch for my site, and the support plus customization service are unbelievable perfect

I have just uploaded the Profile Cover for dolphin 7.1.4.
Apologies to everyone that was affected during my absence. I had just been affected by a major disaster that happened to our place.
Apologies to everyone that were affected, I had just been affected by a major disaster that happened on our place. I will be updating my modules and upload it before the end of next week. Again, I am really sorry for the people that were affected.
This Module works perfect with 7.1.4 all you need to do to install it is go to the module open its install folder then edit the config.php file and add the line '7.1.4', under where it says 'compatible_with' => array(
yes i too am wondering when i can get the updated version for 7 1 4 ... thanks
Can anyone tell me how to contact Emmetbyte? I bought her form, I would like to have his support, directed exclusively that does not respond to emails. I hope to have an updated email address to contact him. Thank you.
I have the same problem, i need to help but he doesn´t answer to email. I think it´s big problem.
I love this mod. It was working fine with previous version of Dolphin but what happened with the upgrade to D714? It's been very long since D714 was released and still no upgrade on this mod??

I'll give you
5 Stars for the mod
4 Stars for customer support
Problem uploading background image.

Dear Emmetbytes, since I have that problem (as I have just written on forum and mails....), can you help me to solve it?
I had a little difficulty in the beginning with installing, but the developer was great and installed it quickly. Also, my template was a pain in the ass, so I'm relieved it looks great! Certainly makes profiles more professional! The customer service is worth 5/5 alone.
Sorry to you all that had been affected for the past weeks. I had just encountered a problem with my hard disk and had almost lost all of my datas. I had just received it back and recovered some of the files. I sincerely do apologize for it.
Are you ok?

Where's your Profile Cover page moved to?

It used to be at
Hello, I have just sent you a private message.
Has anyone heard from Emmetbytes? They were working on a modification for me but I have not heard from them in over 1 month.
I hired EmmetBytes to do some custom modifications on his Profile Cover mod. Sadly it has been 3 weeks passed his deadline and he's not answering my messages anymore.
I don't want to pass judgment because obviously it wasn't a case of taking the money and run. He might have some problems barring him from contacting me. But overall, very disappointing.
balooleft feedback on Profile Cover5th of July 2013
Great, a sacred + to your profiles. Very good idea, a module that you can not do without. Much appreciated by the members, it's very good work!
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected 'private' (T_PRIVATE) in /home/phpcube/public_html/modules/boonex/avatar/classes/BxAvaModule.php on line 887
Thanks for allowing me to fix this problem. ;)
great mod ... thaaaanx
Thank you also. :)
I would just like to say that if you need any help on the installation of this module, please don't hesitate to send me a message and I would like to help you out on the installation. :)
I would just like to say that if you need any help on the installation of this module, please don't hesitate to send me a message and I would like to help you out on the installation. :)
this module does not work with me, is not good and bad ????
hello, could you please tell me your problem about the module? Also, if its alright, could you please send me a message also so that I can help you out with your problem. Thanks.
Amit Choudhary
There is no doubt that the module is best at every angle but the best part of this module is its owner.
Emmet is so helpful in installing the module that a person like me, who knows nothing has got this module installed on my site.
Module: 5 stars
Installation : Too easy , again 5 stars
Support: I should give min. 100000 stars.
Thanks Emmet for your support in installation of this module.
Thanks for the review, really appreciate it.
The support part made me laugh. :D
Anyway, thanks again and hope you're site will be much more better with my module. :)
Wonderful mod. Takes away the unnecessary problem of Avatar and profile photos.
NO118left feedback on Profile Cover24th of May 2013
This is a great mod. I made some changes to the mod and dolphin files so the Profile Cover appears above the sub menu and below the main menu as I think it looks better (see forum post for example: http://www.boonex.com/forums/topic/Profile-Cover-Module.htm).

Definitely worth the money.

Thanks Emmebytes
Thank you also for the compliment, appreciate it that much. :)
I hired EmmetBytes to integrate PayPal adaptive payments into Modzzz Gigs module, and am delighted to announce that he completed this job in a professional manner and has exceeded my expectations.

If you are considering to hire someone for custom work, especially regarding the integration of PayPal adaptive payments API, then I would very much like to recommend EmmetBytes.

He strived to resolve the many issues we faced and was 10 steps ahead of me all the way, understanding the requirements see more better that myself.

He is a true credit to the community here at Boonex and is a noble, talented developer.

Thank you EB!
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