FAQ: Is it possible to integrate Joomla into Dolphin?

BoonEx posted 27th of February 2011 in Dolphin.pro News. 4 comments.

Joomla is a kind of community platform similar to Dolphin and there is not any reason to integrate two different community platforms into each other. If you are considering transferring your website based on Joomla into Dolphin, this is possible, but there aren't any reasons to integrate.

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".........but there aren't any reasons to integrate"

Joomla has a lot of features that could seriously add to the capabilities of Dolphin (like a store etc.) so I completely disagree with this assessment.
If it were used only as a community platform this would be a true statement, but it is short sighted to say there aren't any reasons to integrate.

I've been hoping for a WordPress integration for much the same reasons. That's also a community platform, but it also has very good see more quality store plugins, and classified ads plugins.
I have about a dozen Dolphin licenses.
I was going to get more licenses but ran into roadblocks as what I wanted in the community did not seem feasible with Dolphin.

With Joomla, I found modules that could do what I needed.
I spoke to the JFusion guys and they told me to contact Boonex.

There was one mod developer who actually did do it. I tested the integration myself on his site. But I found a few minor bugs.

If you could integrate Joomla and Dolphin the possibilities are wild.
We also need it. Extremely.
I have intergrated ( login authentication - same user name & password) for my 3 sites "dolphin - Joomla - PHPBB" --- Let me know - Yes I can help ( they are all upgraded with newest version dolphin 7.1 - Joomal 2.59 - phpBB3 3.1
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