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LyubovL posted 11th of January 2010 in . 20 comments.

I've received some mails, and found on the forum a topic about the Websites section on Unity. We are sorry that it's a little bit confusing, but we are working hard on the new system (Agents) and we still haven't had a chance to write a simple description for each section in the new Unity.


The Unity Websites section now works as follows:

1 You need to have Dolphin 7 installed

2 Sites, registered with ad free licenses only can be added into the Websites section

3 While registering your Ad free license (a registration request box appears as soon as you are logged into Dolphin) you need to click the checkbox "List my site at"

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So the Premium Members can't list their sites? Not sure how this is rewarding the Premium Member for the additional contributions they make. Seems like we'd have to create a 2nd membership just to list the sites we own if we want to.

If I'm wrong/misunderstanding this I'd appreciate some clarification, if it's not misunderstood then I'd ask for a reconsideration of this rule.
Hi John!
We have a Starter membership level on the new Unity and writing Advanced I meant Starters have to update to at least Advanced membership to be able to add their sites.

Sorry for inconvenience.
I had a site listed that was broken, so you removed it for me. Now i can't get it relisted.

I know that removing the boonex licence from my site and adding it back checking the box to list the site works even for premium members. It did for my other site, but not the site i had removed. That one will not relist.

Anyhow. i think mydatery is right. Premium members should be allowed to list sites as well.
I am pretty sure that when she says, "First of all, the Advanced and higher membership levels are allowed to add their sites" that Premium membership is considered a higher membership.
you would think that is what is being relayed, however, even myself as moderator, cannot add a website. so mydatery and deano are correct in what they are saying, there is no feature to allow any of us to add a website. it was there, then it vanished. only way to include a site is as deano stated, unregister a site so you can re-register your license, and then tick the box to include the website on boonex.

so where its written that Advanced and higher would be able to submit and add see more a site, this is not what is actually happening.

Then the name Premium is very misleading.
Andrew Boon
Yes, we cleaned the websites are to include Dolphin-only sites now, and that means automatic registration. We would really appreciate you re-sunmitting by re-registering your licenses.

Good news is that new Websites section now features sites a lot more effectively, pulling site stats and latest members feed, as well as description. This should turn into some extra traffic from BoonEx to those sites (to the good ones, at least).
@unoboonex - Thats just it. One of my sites will not re-register. I had lyubovl remove it from unity because i mistyped the url when they could be entered manually. I have not been able to re-register it since. There must be something pertaining to the listing still kicking around in your database.
Please, contact me I'll help you with re-registering.
While I think the idea of cleaning the websites is great, along with stats and so on. I'm not sure that listing the site when registering the license is really the best way to do this. Alot of people will buy the license up front and the sites will not be ready to be viewed. Smart people will be trying to hide them behind splash pages (extra income for those who make splash pages). Wouldn't it be better to have an item in the Admin Panel that would allow the site owner to decide when to add the see more site, perhaps after the build is finished.
Yea, and perhaps even a option to remove the listing also. Kinda silly to have one without the other.
Hi,I had to switch hosting companies for d7...arvixe hosting one clicke installed d7 do I still need to use th eold registration number I have running on a 616 site?I also need to know how to donate to coffe cup.....I like the boonex adds and I like the open source Idea...still i know you deserve more than this so I would like to donate to coffe cup and keep the boonex logos and links...please advise.....coffe cup sshould be on the main menu and a debit or credit card should we can simply see more enter in our card number and donate..all other sites have simple donate functions with no pay pal cost you and me money.....a simple call to your boonex bank can have a tech installing your own credit card e mother has one in her office.....and on their company website...the banks provides this as a service to account holders especially corprate/buisness accounts...make it simple to tip
Is there a way to register the site without pulling site stats and latest members feed, as well as description so as to maintain your member's anonimity?
I agree with Profesize - I think you should take another look at how you are presenting sites there. I think displaying member pictures on a site where they did not register is borderline at best. Right now, the first tags you see there are "boy" and "boys" - do you think I am going to get my members anywhere near that stuff?

Correction - looks like you have cleaned it up a bit - but still...
So if I upgrade to Premium. I can still only list my Dolphin based sites that have an Ad Free license?

Please Clarify as when I look at upgrading to premium it just says that I will be able to list My Dolphin Based Websites. Not only my Ad Free Dolphin based websites.

I am confused i bought a prime license and thought it stated this was a feature of the old D6 prime license i have spent hours and 1000,s on the site and have no intention of going to 7 yet so how is this fair? agents could have told me to wait a few months they would have known.....but then again i don't think to many new members would come from here .
If i knew back when i bought PRIME what i know now not sure if i would bother with prime no real advantage in my eyes. then again now you get 3 see more permanent licenses good if you have .com and i.e i only got one 3 months ago not real happy sure the sales man would have know....
Just my thoughts on it

We asked all Prime customers to contact us at and request two additional license you get with the new update. Anyway, your license have been issued. Please, contact your agent if you have any questions.
I think they just want everyone off D6 because they can't be arsed to fix the last few remaining bugs on it that have sat there for months whilst my clients have been bashing my ears!
I just had a MOD done for me for that cost an arm and a leg plus one kidney there is no way i am going to 7, but i bought PRIME in late October 09 so far i see NO advantage of doing so. I've spent hours on the SEO SEM and site-maps done to much to update just now.
But if only ad-free sites are listed (which i only found out after searching my arse off here in the forums!!) - why does my profile tell me that even a starter member is allowed to add a site to the listing?! Very misleading and leaves a sour taste.
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