I am confused i bought a prime license and thought it stated this was a feature of the old D6 prime license i have spent hours and 1000,s on the site and have no intention of going to 7 yet so how is this fair? agents could have told me to wait a few months they would have known.....but then again i don't think to many new members would come from here .
If i knew back when i bought PRIME what i know now not sure if i would bother with prime no real advantage in my eyes. then again now you get 3 see more permanent licenses good if you have .com and i.e .com.au i only got one 3 months ago not real happy sure the sales man would have know....
Just my thoughts on it

We asked all Prime customers to contact us at marketing@boonex.com and request two additional license you get with the new update. Anyway, your license have been issued. Please, contact your agent if you have any questions.
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