Dolphin included into the Softaculous auto-installer. For hosting providers mostly.

LyubovL posted 18th of January 2010 in . 17 comments.

Dolphin was recently included into the Softaculous auto-installer. Softaculous is an Auto installer which offers its users more than 100 scripts, and we are glad that Dolphin is one of those scripts. Softaculous is a cPanel, Direct Admin, Interworx, Plesk, ISP Manager installer, and they developed a Dolphin installer that installs Dolphin directly to the root and automatically changes the files permissions. Hosting companies listed on the BoonEx hosting page were notified about this, so ask your hosting providers about the possibility of automatically installing Dolphin.

Note please, the auto-installer is for a fresh Dolphin installation only. It doesn't upgrade Dolphin.

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I just keep on trying to install Dolphin 7 by 1-click. So far, I sit in the support. There is a a hidden file in public_html .htaccess that must be removed before you can install it with just a click. There is no any file in public_html .htaccess to be removed, so I sit with the support right now. It will be exciting if they can make an inquiry on what the error is.
58 scripts are listed as part of the free installer, i suppose that dolphin would need to have a purchased license to be able to use the auto-installer for dolphin?
Yes, Dolphin was included into the Premium license.
ah well thats not very good. so in order to host dolphin with an auto-installer, those who host will need to yet pay again to utilize the auto-installer?

Hey, I think it works now :)
There is a problem with the Softalicious install as is. The Flash apps don't install properly. The permissions get messed up. I contacted my host, Arvixe, who became aware of this and how to fix it. Once the 1-click install is complete, you have to replace the Flash folder with the one downloadable from Boonex, after unzipping it. I found out the hard way this must be done before you attempt to complete any other part of the install from your Dolphin site. That's where the permissions get fried.

The see more only issue I still have is that a yellow warning symbol appears in the Ray settings screen. What might this indicate, and has anyone else experienced this? How can it be fixed? Thanks.
Please, contact your hosting provider. They should help you with the issue.
Just Checked---It is a Red warning symbol in Ray Base settings. It also appears under each app separately, over the Settings icon.
lyubov, so the auto-installer that has to be paid for now, does not install dolphin correctly? that has to be damaging to the PR overall of the members thinking they are getting a one-click install. so who actually does the support on the install script of dolphin when its not working?
I'm with Arvixe and they have the auto installer included in the Softaculous forums section. I have installed all the items and have a problem with the migration, after three days still says profiles in Que and In Process as well as the Apps error for the Ray modules which say the permissions are wrong and need to be changed. Now as a person only new to all of this computer lingo, I think I've done well in the past few months but this all seems very confusing to me. I've searched this forum and see more a few others using the search terms for the errors I have and it leads me back to a page on how to change permissions. How the heck do I do that without screwing it all up? lol If anyone could help with this that would be awesome and greatly appreciated. The auto installer should install everything right and it doesn't seem to. Thanks friends. xxx
See my post above. The auto installer does not work properly. Arvixe can fix this for you but it will involve a clean install. AS I noted, once the problem with permissions has occurred it can't be fixed.
I was notified by Softaculous that they have fixed the permissions issue. If you have any problems using the Auto-Installer, please report it to your hosting provider who should refer the issues to Softaculous. Softaculous will react and fix the problem ASAP.
The auto-installer does work, and installs Dolphin as a fresh installation.
We've been working with Softaculous to slowly perfect the auto-installation. All previous issues with Chat/Video Comments/etc. not being installed upon auto-install has been fixed. Any RMS dependent function should work properly right now out of the box (provided that you have received RMS settings from us and inputted them).

We have identified some new issues that have popped up that I'll outline here along with the fix. We'll also be working with Softaculous to fix this.

Videos will not upload. see more This is because ffmpeg.exe is set to permissions 777. It needs to be set to 755:

chmod 755 ~/www/flash/modules/global/app/ffmpeg.exe (through SSH which is provided free on all accounts)

Uploaded videos will not convert because the autoinstaller does not properly setup the cron job. You can do this yourself by setting up the following cron job inside your control panel (cPanel): * * * * * cd ~/www/periodic/;/usr/local/bin/php -q cron.php

If the uploaded video is converted properly (after the above steps are done), the flash player will not play the video. The following permissions need to be set:

chmod 755 ~/www/flash/modules/video/files
chmod 755 ~/www/flash/modules/board/files
chmod 755 ~/www/flash/modules/chat/files
chmod 755 ~/www/flash/modules/desktop/files
chmod 755 ~/www/flash/modules/im/files
chmod 755 ~/www/flash/modules/mp3/files
chmod 755 ~/www/flash/modules/photo/files
chmod 755 ~/www/flash/modules/video_comments/files

Once again, we'll work with softaculous to fix this. It shouldn't take more than a day or 2. If you wish to install Dolphin in the mean time, you may use the autoinstaller and contact support to make the above changes for you if you are not sure how to do them.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Softaculous is provided free of charge with a hosting account from a hosting provider that has the subscription to Softaculous.

No. And sorry for that the files folder doesn't exist under desktop. A quicker set of SSH commands would be:

cd flash/modules
find -type d | xargs chmod -v 755
find -type f | xargs chmod -v 644
chmod 755 global/app/ffmpeg.exe

When inside the installation of dolphin.
wish softaculous provided a script to upgrade from 7.0.3 to 7.0.4 automatically.
I tried to install Dolphin via the Softaculous auto-installer. It simply DOES NOT WORK. I Keep getting the red "Database Connect Failed" message. I checked and the database IS there under the correct name etc. Its sad really because I really like Dolphin and we would have invested in an upgrade. Now its all hanging in the air again and I have to continue the search for software that meets our needs. :( Which basically is everything that Dolphin can do but that installs properly.
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