We've been working with Softaculous to slowly perfect the auto-installation. All previous issues with Chat/Video Comments/etc. not being installed upon auto-install has been fixed. Any RMS dependent function should work properly right now out of the box (provided that you have received RMS settings from us and inputted them).

We have identified some new issues that have popped up that I'll outline here along with the fix. We'll also be working with Softaculous to fix this.

Videos will not upload. see more This is because ffmpeg.exe is set to permissions 777. It needs to be set to 755:

chmod 755 ~/www/flash/modules/global/app/ffmpeg.exe (through SSH which is provided free on all accounts)

Uploaded videos will not convert because the autoinstaller does not properly setup the cron job. You can do this yourself by setting up the following cron job inside your control panel (cPanel): * * * * * cd ~/www/periodic/;/usr/local/bin/php -q cron.php

If the uploaded video is converted properly (after the above steps are done), the flash player will not play the video. The following permissions need to be set:

chmod 755 ~/www/flash/modules/video/files
chmod 755 ~/www/flash/modules/board/files
chmod 755 ~/www/flash/modules/chat/files
chmod 755 ~/www/flash/modules/desktop/files
chmod 755 ~/www/flash/modules/im/files
chmod 755 ~/www/flash/modules/mp3/files
chmod 755 ~/www/flash/modules/photo/files
chmod 755 ~/www/flash/modules/video_comments/files

Once again, we'll work with softaculous to fix this. It shouldn't take more than a day or 2. If you wish to install Dolphin in the mean time, you may use the autoinstaller and contact support to make the above changes for you if you are not sure how to do them.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Softaculous is provided free of charge with a hosting account from a hosting provider that has the subscription to Softaculous.
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